Simplifying solar energy sales

Solar software that makes it easier for homeowners to understand financing options in a professional-looking platform

For homeowners, the high upfront costs of purchasing a solar energy system can make recouping the investment seem like a far-off dream. And that makes it a tough sell for companies that install residential solar systems.

So the founders of NRG Home Solar had a bright idea new to the solar software scene: provide a customer financing platform for solar contractors so homeowners could start realizing the cost savings immediately.

They envisioned a sales enablement tool that simplified the incredible complexity of estimating a solar installation—taking into account everything from the size and pitch of a home’s roof, to local tax laws, to the angle of the sun at different times of year—while outputting straightforward financing options that showed homeowners the actual benefits they could expect.

Building a cloud-based portal for generating estimates and processing financing applications to make creating customized solar installation bids incredibly quick and easy for sales reps.
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A Shining Success in Solar Software

Starting with only their idea, we built NRG Home Solar a cloud-based portal for generating estimates and processing financing applications.

Our sales enablement tool made creating customized solar installation bids incredibly quick and easy for sales reps. The instant results offered homeowners easy-to-understand financing options in a professional looking package.

Within a year of launch, thousands of independent reps were using NRG Home Solar’s system and closing sales at a rate well above the industry average. NRG’s solar software had become the start of a new era in solar sales. For an industry that’s faced a lot of hurdles, NRG Home Solar’s idea provided a real bright spot.

Radiant Results

NRG Home Solar transformed themselves from a concept into a successful company. We partnered with NRG to turn their idea for solar software into a business engine, helping NRG create a tool that expedites and processes transactions like never before. The tool created business value in the form of:

Real time results that established instant credibility, which was critical for this entirely new kind of business

Analytics that used growing streams of data to automatically fine-tune the sales process, increasing the company’s value to their customers

The enviable opportunity to achieve business success while advancing a societal good

A conduit to customers that responded to their needs while driving the cost of acquiring new business to zero

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