A case study by Praxent

Benefits enrollment platform increases pipeline by 300%

Redesigned employee benefits enrollment portal 3Xs revenue in highly regulated industry

Benefit Harbor partnered with Praxent to confront the challenges of an outdated and intricate employee benefits platform in the regulated employee benefits sector, burdened by layers of data and cumbersome processes.

  • Employee Benefits Enrollment Wizard
  • Administrator Dashboard
  • 1-Click Enroll
  • Integrated Assistance Information
  • Plan Comparison
  • Contribution Calculator
  • 300% increase in sales pipeline in 3 months
  • 15-20 minutes enrollment processing time, down from a full day
  • 70% average cost savings on new hire enrollment
  • 23% increase in enrollment participation

The challenges

Compliance vs UX

The platform was burdened by disclaimers and eligibility questions mandated by strict insurance regulations. It created a confusing user experience for employees.

Unrealized revenue potential

Users rolled-over their benefits without exploring options impacting utilization because employees lacked awareness of the products available to them.

Broker impact

As employees struggled to enroll in their benefits, brokers were often forced to spend time supporting customers during open enrollment.

Dated user experience

The legacy platform looked dated and was unintuitive to use which impacted new client acquisition despite the market-leading technical capabilities powering it.

The vision for Benefit Harbor

Benefit Harbor wanted to reimagine their platform as an engaging self-service experience offering an intuitive and personalized experience, presenting crucial information at the time of need for informed decision-making.

Most importantly, they wanted a platform that would compete in the market as an industry-leading enrollment experience.

An effortless enrollment experience

The new platform guides users through enrollment, informing them of offerings and benefits available. It provides clear communication around contribution costs to help employees make informed decisions.

Next-gen aesthetic

The platform was reimagined with a new brand aesthetic that made benefits feel approachable and simplified through clean, bright design elements.

UI upgrades included:
Larger typographies and icons
Consistent, reusable design system
Accessibility-compliant design (WCAG)

Why Praxent

A partner from end to end

UX Audit

User Research

User Personas

UX Strategy


ClickModel® Prototype

Frontend Development


User Research and Personas

Praxent conducted an onsite 5-day design sprint and after completing over 15 interviews, was able to work on stakeholder alignment, identify use cases, and created workflows and site maps to visualize what needed to be included and how the components of the system related to one another.

Heuristic Evaluation

Double quotes

The team at Praxent told me the top five things we should be doing to improve user experience. They listed major, high-impact things but also low-hanging fruit that could be fixed without pulling everything out by the roots and starting over again.

Carol Altman Head of Client Experience Benefit Harbor

A market-leading enrollment platform






minutes enrollment processing time, down from a full day



Seamless integration with the backend system and processes

What Benefit Harbor had to say

Carol Altman

Carol Altman

Head of Client Experience, Benefit Harbor

Double quotes

Our redesigned platform alleviated an obstacle to sales and helped us to focus on the positives, the platform being one of them. In four months’ time, we had a 300% increase in our pipeline. I would be surprised if, in the first 12 months, we didn’t have at least a two to one ROI.

I cannot say enough good things about their project management, reporting, and communication. They do a great job of making sure that there is never a question of where you are in the process.

Their synergy as a team is fantastic — truly is exponential in comparison to others.