A case study by Praxent

Unified customer insights: maximizing reporting efficiency

Data independence helps banks streamline the report creation processes and increase LTV.

In pursuing tech advancement, Locality Bank partnered with Praxent to accelerate the development of a data lake and business intelligence system to unify and streamline customer data.


South Florida, FL
11-50 employees

  • Data lake architecture
  • Key technology selections
  • Compliant AWS environmen
  • Data pipelines
  • Business Intelligence tool integration

The challenges

Siloed Customer Data

Challenges getting a 360º view of the customer make personalized service, targeted offers, and customer intelligence a challenge.

Manual Reporting

Generating data analytics reports for business intelligence and decision-making is manual, time-consuming, limited, and complex.

Data Ownership

Data must be extracted from the core banking system and other incongruent sources then consolidated to enable fintech product integrations.


To remain compliant and secure, audit tracking, security systems, and protective measures are required to guard sensitive user information.

Time Loss

The report generation process is manual and time-consuming, reducing the time highly valued team members can spend on crucial decision-making activities.

The vision for Locality Bank

Data Lake

Serverless AWS architecture to store, process, and secure data in a centralized repository owned by Locality Bank.

Automated Reporting

Data orchestration within AWS and QuickSight business intelligence tools to automatically generate analytics reports.

Single-View Customer Data

View customers with multiple account types to understand their holistic financial relationship with Locality Bank.

Streamlined Audit Reports

Consolidated data sources into a single report export to streamline compliance reporting.

Data Lake

Praxent partnered with Locality to launch the data lake as Locality’s first cloud-native workload. We leveraged AWS serverless architecture to enable cost-effective and elastic cloud hosting.

Locality’s journey to the cloud adheres to bank-grade cybersecurity and compliance thanks to AWS’ Landing Zone, which guarantees that Locality’s cloud presence is future-proof thanks to pre-built automated controls.

Streamlining Data Management and Reporting with AWS Integration

Praxent helped Locality Bank address data management challenges by leveraging AWS to automate report generation.

This involved seamlessly connecting diverse data sources, implementing a data catalog, and integrating a business intelligence tool.

Customer Relationships Reports

Created a comprehensive view of customer touch-points across multiple accounts.
The goal was to utilize six different data sources, consolidating them into a single report to quantify the financial impact for each individual customer associated with the accounts.

Compliance Reports for Insurance Tracking

Fast-tracked compliance audit reporting across multiple data sources.

Highlighted report: Insurance coverage for real estate collateral. The report required information from three sources, including two from Nymbus, into a single report.
This streamlined the process of validating federal requirements with a comprehensive export, ensuring efficient compliance with minimal effort for the client.

What Locality Bank had to say

Corey LeBlanc

Corey LeBlanc

Co-Founder and COO/CTO Locality Bank

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Praxent’s impressive skillset and digital-first, future-forward focus aligns closely with our value proposition. As a result of this engagement, we can leverage our data and uncover powerful, real-time insights that will ultimately enhance our award-winning services for local businesses across South Florida.

Why Praxent

A partner from end to end

Sprint 1

1. AWS Set up, Glue, S3 bucket: Real Data Catalog created inside AWS

2. Landing Zone accelerator: Gap analysis

3. Nymbus API spike: Data source decision

Sprint 2

1. Finalize Landing Zone Accelerator

2. Download data extract automatically

3. Business analysis for customer relationship report

Sprint 3

1. Deploy into new Landing Zone: Complete first report

2. Ingest data for all remaining reports

Sprint 4

1. Refine pipelines and report formatting: Complete additional reports as needed.

Optimizing AWS infrastructure with landing zones and accelerators

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We hosted the infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS), utilizing Landing Zones for efficient cloud setup and adherence to best practices.

The Landing Zone serves as a user-friendly dashboard and accelerator to automate configurations through code, streamlining efficiency and organization.

Kevin Sandi
 Senior DevOps Engineer, Praxent

10+ years in Software Engineering
Specialized in DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

Infrastructure as code

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Using Terraform templates we ensured a system codification for improved control, auditing, and change tracking. Storing these templates on GitHub provides version control advantages, allowing effortless rollbacks. Our IaC approach enables smooth updates and efficient infrastructure management.

Kevin Sandi
 Senior DevOps Engineer, Praxent

10+ years in Software Engineering
Specialized in DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure

Automated business intelligence reports

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For user-friendly data analysis and reporting, we integrated QuickSight, ensuring data protection, compliance, and adaptability.

Eduardo Padinha Associate Technichal Director

13+ years in Software Engineering
Specialized in Mobile and Backend applications, and Application Architecture Development

Secure Cloud Native Environment

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We used AWS Landing Zone Accelerator to fast-track the set up of security tools and achieve continuous cyber security controls.

Our goal is to ensure that Locality has a secure cloud environment that is able to protect its data now and into the future.

Eduardo Padinha Associate Technical Director

13+ years in Software Engineering
Specialized in Mobile and Backend applications, and Application Architecture Development

The data lake and business intelligence system will enable Locality Bank to take command of their data, breaking through existing data silos to gain a comprehensive, flexible, and holistic view of their business.


Own The Outcome

Ben Bays

Ben Bays

VP Enterprise Solutions, Praxent

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We are proud to build a robust, secure, centralized data foundation layer for this community banking leader, leading to stronger customer relationships and data-driven decision making.