A case study by Praxent

Financial advisor portal
maximizes profit potential

A $677B wealth advisory firm identified an opportunity to enhance support for their financial advisors.

Dimensional partnered with Praxent to design and build a portal that reimagined the advisor experience, streamlined operations, eased content management, and reinforced security.

  • Financial advisor portal
  • Portfolio modeling
  • Onboarding wizard
  • Sitecore CMS implementation
  • Ai-enabled content search
  • CodePath architecture assessment
  • Greater profit potential through advisor retention
  • Simplified wealth management processes for advisors
  • Enhanced advisor experience with digitally enabled onboarding
  • Significant content management savings
  • Winner of RIA Intel’s Asset Manager of the Year 2022

The challenges

Advisor retention

Dimensional wanted to differentiate their products and deepen advisor relationships to drive preference and retention.

Portfolio management complexity

Advisors needed advanced tools and insights to build high-performing portfolios for their clients.

Content overload

Advisors struggled to find relevant content to support their client and practice management despite having access to 20,000+ articles.

Streamlining content management

Personalizing content for each region was a significant manual lift. Additionally, regulations made the publishing approval process a challenge.


The previous advisor portal had not been refreshed in over 10 years. The new platform needed an evolutionary architecture to continue meeting client needs in the future.

The vision for MyDimensional

Dimensional wanted to create an advisor platform to help their clients deliver better results and grow successful businesses. The platform offers a full range of tools, training, and resources to support every angle: investments, client communication, and practice management.

AI-enabled search of the extensive library of curated content

Real-time fund analytics and searchable Dimensional fund index

A portfolio modeling tool to build beautiful client proposals in real-time

Advisor onboarding wizard to educate them on the platform’s capabilities

Data and Performance Analytics

The tool helps financial advisors easily view all data necessary for analyzing client portfolios and providing data-driven counsel.

Fund Center

The easy-to-search encyclopedia became a critical sales enablement tool that equips agents with all product information to offer their clients the most relevant options while maximizing sales potential.


Model Center

Simple and beautiful sales presentations for Dimensional’s agents, allowing them to quickly create sample portfolios for potential clients in real-time, straight from a mobile tablet.

AI-Enabled Content Search

The re-designed site architecture leverages an artificial intelligence search engine, enabling advisors to locate resources via free text search.

What Dimensional had to say

Project Manager,


Double quotes

We’re seeing exactly what we were hoping for: better adoption rates. We’ve been able to drive people back to our site more times per month for extended periods each time. We may not have gotten to where we are today without Praxent’s help on the development side and then their questions and feedback along the way from the management side of the house. Also, adding the modeling functionality to the site was a massive win for us.

Why Praxent

A partner from end to end

CodePath Architecture Assessment and Design

Agile Program Management

Full-Stack Software Development

DevOps Implementation

Quality Assurance

Accessible content management system

We efficiently streamlined Dimensional’s content production and personalized global content using an enterprise CMS, Sitecore. The new system minimized international operating costs and enhancing the management of high-bandwidth content like videos through digital asset capabilities.

Reinforced security with identity access management

The system simplifies global management of permissions and users, incorporating user-friendly security measures that enable advisors to access region-specific content securely. At the same time, a single sign-on solution facilitates seamless navigation between content and data tools within the enterprise CMS environment.

Rapid agent onboarding

The onboarding platform offers new agents comprehensive visibility into the training process, allowing them to track their progress easily, presenting the subsequent steps at every stage.

A note from our Managing Partner

Kevin Hurwitz

Kevin Hurwitz

Managing Partner, Praxent

Double quotes

Dimensional has transformed the mutual funds’ sales landscape, by embracing a human-centered digital experience that empowers their financial advisors. The bespoke portal is a powerful sales enablement platform, ensuring advisors achieve higher profits for themselves and their clients.