A case study by Praxent

Digital transformation
for insurance carrier reduces call center volume by 30%

Enhancing call center efficiency: Texas Mutual’s customer-centric digital overhaul

Texas Mutual is the largest provider of Workers’ Compensation coverage in the state of Texas. They partnered with Praxent to reimagine their website and policyholder portal to drive growth, increase retention, and simultaneously reduce customer service volumes through the deployment of a user-centric strategy.


Customer and broker portal
UX Strategy
User Research
Customer Journey Mapping
Content Architecture

  • 30% call center reduction
  • Increased Net Promoter Score (80)
  • 11% policyholder growth Y/Y (compared to 1% growth the previous year)
  • Insurance Business America award: 5* Workers’ Compensation

The challenges

Prospect abandonment

1000s of pieces of content with limited navigation or organization overwhelmed prospects and caused high abandonment rates.

Self-service experience

Poor UX resulted in high customer calling volumes for issues that were explained on the website but were hard to find.

Diverse personas

With so many personas, each with different objectives for visiting the site, organizing the content to create an intuitive experience was challenging.

Limited UX experience

Texas Mutual’s internal team needed more experienced UX strategists than they had in-house and sought a partner to guide and up-skill their team.

The vision for Texas Mutual

Persona-based experience

Knowing each persona’s common tasks, goals, and pain points, to reduce customer service calls, create a user experience specifically designed to meet their needs.

Streamlined navigation

Create a navigation that prioritizes the most commonly used actions for prospects and existing customers. Curated menus targeted to each persona allow for easy access.

Targeted, timely content

Structure the thousands of informational articles by persona and use case to create a content architecture that surfaces the right content at the right time, to the right person.

User research and personas

Praxent conducted over 50 user surveys and interviews to make user-centric decisions for each user types.

Based on the findings, 6 user types were identified and design decisions were made to adapt the navigation bars, content strategy and hierarchy and information provided on the website.

Prioritizing high-impact improvements

Customer journey mapping based on user research insights, enabled us to identify the most frustrating experiences by persona.

Focusing on areas where pain often resulted in calls to customer service or abandonment delivered the highest business value.

Surfacing personalized content at the time of need

Effective websites present only relevant content to a visitor at their current stage of their user journey. They intuitively guide visitors down the paths that will best answer their questions and satisfy their demands.

We mapped content flows for each persona and then matched their existing content to the right stage to ensure users only saw relevant, timely content.

Intuitive navigation

The revamped website features a redesigned main navigation bar by persona, organized into an intuitive information hierarchy.

Additionally, the redesign highlights the most relevant actions for first-time visitors, streamlining their experience. For recurring stakeholders, easy access to their dashboards facilitates efficient interactions with the platform.

Why Praxent

A partner from end to end

User Research and Personas

Customer Journey Mapping

Content Mapping and Architecture

Portal and Website UX Redesign

Future-proof value

Double quotes

We were focused on more than just helping Texas Mutual build a leading digital experience that highlighted their detailed, comprehensive customer service today; we also wanted to equip them with the tools they’d need to continue doing so in the future.

By categorizing their customers into distinct personas, we created a clear framework that guided us in designing a personalized customer experience.

Nick Comito Product Design Director, Praxent

20+ years of experience in UX Strategy, revenue models and digital transformations

A full-fledged user interface design


call center reduction

Increased Net promoter score (80)


increase in policyholder growth (compared to 1% the previous year)

Address target audiences through a simplified user experience and a more efficient navigation

What Texas Mutual had to say

Ken Ivie

Ken Ivie

Senior IT Manager Texas Mutual

Double quotes

Since working with Praxent, more users can access the self-service, and call rates have decreased, signifying an improved UX. Praxent trained us well and gave us all the skills needed to succeed. The internal UX team is now skilled enough to improve CX independently. Praxent’s team was friendly and easy to work with. They’re highly recommended.