A case study by Praxent

Accelerating financial service modernization: Praxent & Nymbus partnership

In a rapidly evolving world, financial institutions seek innovative solutions to keep up with growing demands.

With cloud-based banking becoming an industry standard, organizations like Nymbus have surged to the forefront, offering end-to-end financial solutions to streamline operations and enhance user experiences. However, the reality of a surging growth trajectory is the inevitable need for strategic support.




The primary objective of this case study is to highlight
how a partnership model can augment an organization’s
existing capabilities and catalyze product development
and implementation, with a focus on:


  • Efficient talent acquisition and management.
  • Rapid product and service implementation.
  • Ensuring improved client experiences without
  • compromising service quality.

Strategic Collaboration

Nymbus, already a trailblazer in the sector, recognized the need for specialized skills to further its ambitions. Praxent, boasting over two decades of expertise in fintech, emerged as the ideal partner.

Talent & Geographic Synergy

With a Latin America-based team of engineers specialized in digital banking and mobile app development, Praxent brought in the much-desired time zone compatibility, ensuring efficient and real-time collaboration.

Shared Vision for Innovation

Both firms, leading in their respective domains, shared a vision of transforming and advancing next-generation banking solutions, making this alliance not just strategic but also visionary.

Joint Development Model

While the partnership primarily focused on staff augmentation, the alliance also saw the two firms engaging in joint problem-solving, sharing insights, and co-creating strategies to deliver superior solutions.

Swift Product Implementation

In less than 30 days, Praxent staffed Nymbus with 5 team members and onboarded them successfully to ensure that the client’s roadmap requirements were met and continuous on-time delivery of implementation backlog items.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Praxent brought on proven industry experts who have specialized in the Nymbus product to assist with tactical Nymbus implementations that have led to high client satisfaction.

Industry Recognition

Gustavo is amazing!

We’re so lucky to have him on Sprinters!


–Customer Scrum Master


The partnership between Praxent and Nymbus serves as a testament to the power of strategic alliances in the fintech space. Through this case study, we aim to underline how an industry veteran and an emerging powerhouse came together to address a pressing need, delivering unparalleled value to their clients and further solidifying their positions as fintech leaders.

What Nymbus had to say

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Praxent’s talented engineers, profound expertise in digital banking, and unwavering commitment allowed them to seamlessly adapt and swiftly contribute value to our organization and clients.

Ashlie Jenkins SVP, Development Services, Nymbus

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Having collaborated with various firms housing talent in Latin America, Praxent has rapidly emerged as a trusted partner by operating in our time zone and displaying exceptional responsiveness, reliability, and remarkable capabilities.

Drew Dizon EVP of Partnerships, Nymbus

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Just 1.5 weeks into the project, the scale from the people we had before vs. partnering with Praxent has been felt, and it’s a good place to be.

Karina Barreto
 Director, Development Services, Nymbus

In our own words

Tim Hamilton

Tim Hamilton

Founder and CEO, Praxent

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Nymbus is at the forefront of enabling financial institutions to revolutionize their technology and deliver customer-centric banking services.

As Nymbus continues to shape the industry, we are honored to compliment their capabilities with our exceptional Latin America-based team, renowned for their top-notch development expertise. The financial industry can confidently rely on our partnership to drive innovation and excellence.