Photomadic transformed from experiential marketing firm to a kiosk software company

Photomadic had an app that allowed users to take a photo and share it via social media. However, the entire process was painfully slow, which produced an unreliable experience for users finding and sharing their photos. Further, Photomadic had no insight into how many photos were actually being shared, much less the ability to segment shares by social media platform.

When they came to us, Photomadic hoped to address the issue of intermittent internet connectivity and remote event deployment. When the project crossed the finish line, however, they came away with much more than your average, run-of-the mill kiosk software. They got a state-of-the-art application with frictionless usability and all the power that comes with marketing analytics software.

The project went so well that the kiosk software is now a core product they sell to other businesses.


Build a unified photo booth solution that allows customizability and supports intermittent connectivity


  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development


An application overhaul

Improved User Experience

Speedy operation replaced the old sluggish interface

Cloud Services
Redundant Storage

Photos are saved and uploaded even with inconsistent internet connections

Stand-Alone Software

With the new Wave app, users are no longer restricted to a photo booth

Remote Expansion
Increased Engagement

Events that feature Photomadic now experience far more mentions on social media

Everything changed with Praxent, starting with lightning-fast performance.

Users can now see and share their photos instantly on a beautiful iPad interface. Analytics became available for media shares, segmented by social platforms. What’s more, Photomadic now has backups on backups. If connectivity drops at the event, nothing is lost. This has empowered the Photomadic team to provide a 100% guarantee that all photos will be stored safely and securely.

Additionally, users can now view their photos on a web gallery after the event, continuing the social media sharing experience and increasing the value of the event for sponsors. Across the board, users are now more likely to find and share photos, increasing engagement, which has significantly increased the return on investment for each experience.

And that’s not all. With the new Wave app, users are no longer restricted to a photo booth. Photos and videos can now be taken anywhere an iPad can go, broadening the market for Photomadic clients and increasing the return on investment for each experience.

The tool also serves as marketing analytics software for Photomadic’s clients. Now, companies using Photomadic’s kiosk software to promote their event through social sharing have access to key insights that make their experience even more valuable.

But the biggest shift of all is that Photomadic has gone away from being a product company with one-off sales and has now evolved into a software company with recurring revenue. This has enabled them to work on multi-year contracts while fortifying the firm’s balance sheet.

Not only have they delivered on the software we came to them for, they are helping us think strategically about the future and building software along the way that helps us reach our goals.”


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