Scaling inventory processing over 6800% with custom cloud solutions

TicketCity is a leading online retailer of tickets for sporting events, concerts, and theater productions nationally. After rapidly growing its network of affiliated brokers and venues, TicketCity was struggling to process new and updated ticketing information through its inventory management system in real time. The result was missed sale opportunities for new inventory made available first on competitor platforms. Also, delayed notifications for tickets that had already been sold were leading to customer service challenges requiring increased account management.

Project Goal

Finding a process for ticketing information through an inventory management system in real time.

  • Process Improvement + Automation
  • Ecommerce Design + Development

Game-changing results and a model for enterprise scalability

The ticket to success was a tailored cloud-based architecture.

TicketCity came to Praxent looking for custom cloud solutions. They needed a tool that would increase the throughput and scalability of its inventory ingestion system. The solution had to be highly scalable and cost effective to deploy and monitor. Praxent collaborated with TicketCity to design and implement a cloud-based infrastructure using open source caching technologies and Docker containers for deployment.

The solution eliminated more than 98% of the load on its inventory system, or more than 300 million transactions daily, resulting in a 6800% increase in capacity. The solution also reduced latency so that customers gained access to hot new tickets more quickly and enjoyed an up-to-the-moment view of overall ticket availability. Better customer service has always been TicketCity’s calling card, and as a result of its investment in technology, TicketCity just upped its game.

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