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A singular user experience require a top UX designer that can walk in the shoes of your users

Praxent has offered expert UX design services in Texas for 16 years. Because we are an integrated development & design firm, we will only produce design deliverables that are technically feasible too.

Visiting a website is like visiting any other place: If you don’t have a good time, you won’t come back. A good user experience (UX) will lead to high engagement and return users. Poor experiences guarantee users won’t come back. What separates the two is UX design.

UX design is about accessibility, engagement, simplicity of information retrieval. We design software with the user experience in mind, starting with defining who the end users are and what they require from the software. We ensure our software meets these requirements through usability testing early in the process with our interactive prototype, ClickModel®. You get a priceless preview at a fraction of full development cost – within weeks of your kickoff.

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A few examples of our ux in action


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User-friendly. User-tested. UX-Optimized.

simple numbers

Crabtree, Rowe & Berger

For this CPA practice, we created a software tool to automatically reformat a client’s financial data with minimal customer support.

Results: Enhanced UX, resulting in increased customer loyalty

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simple numbers


We designed a mobile- and desktop-responsive web portal to display complex insurance policy data for brokers to access anywhere.

Results: Reduced customer service calls because policyholders could obtain information directly from brokers; improved customer experience

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bankers toolbox

Banker’s Toolbox

We revamped this company’s website with an intuitive navigational pathway that made downloadable content more accessible and emphasized customer service.

Results: Simplified purchase decision-making and increased sales pipeline

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