ClickModel Software Prototyping
Software Prototyping

What is it and why does it matter?

At the start of a software development project, risk is high and rooted in uncertainty. No matter the project, there are lots of answered questions.

  • What business value will this create?
  • Are we building the right thing?
  • Are we solving the right problems?
  • Will it be easy to use?
  • Will end-users actually use it?
  • How will it behave on different devices?
  • What will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

The biggest risk comes from misunderstanding.

The various parties involved aren’t yet aligned around a singular vision — or worse, they assume alignment that isn’t actually there.

ClickModel software prototyping lowers risk.

ClickModel is the power of ‘show’ vs. ‘tell,’ because interacting with a prototype is the quickest route to clarity and alignment.

ClickModel software prototyping can be used to establish the direction of your project after the core concept has been validated through usability testing and stakeholder feedback. Furthermore, the simple power of visualizing your idea before you spend all of that money to build it reduces the risk and ensures your software development team has a clear target to hit.

UX Prototype

Benefit from critical feedback from stakeholders, users and project team members as they interact with the prototyped functional experience.

Native Mobile Applications

Using ClickModel, you can deepen customer engagement and provide advanced capabilities to field-based staff with iOS and Android devices.

Facilitate Problem-solving

Focus on knowledge acquisition to reduce the chances of building the wrong thing or investing resources in low-value features.

Lock in your minimum viable product with ClickModel

Not only does ClickModel™ software prototyping help you avoid wasteful spending on unnecessary features and unfocused objectives — it also serves to outline and define all of the features you will develop, giving you a map of the entire project from start to finish and reliable cost and time estimates for each individual feature. This roadmap allows you to be nimble throughout the subsequent development process, making informed decisions about which features to conquer next and helping you launch a minimum viable product as soon as possible.

Armed with an interactive ClickModel prototype, you will be ready to charge forward with confidence on your software or application development project.

  • Are you looking to define what a minimum viable product might be for your software idea
  • Do you need to validate the feasibility of your software vision?
  • Do you need to identify of the investment of time and cost involved in bringing a software concept 
to life?

What is ClickModel?

Before you start down the custom software development path, it’s important to understand exactly what needs your new software or application will address and how it will satisfy them effectively.

Software development is a complex process that requires both good communication and iterative trial and error. However, it can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating to build six versions of the wrong website before you finally figure out what the right one looks like. We understand this pain. Our solution is ClickModel, a process that quickly turns your software concept into an interactive software prototype.

Like a Movie Set

Think of ClickModel like the set of a classic Western. The actors can walk down a dusty street, wave to friends leaning out of open shutters, walk through the swinging doors of the saloon, and shoot out of the barbershop.

It’s Just Enough To Feel Real

With a movie set — just building facades with nothing behind them — it’s pretty easy to exchange the corner store with the haberdashery or to decide, after seeing it all together, that the sheriff needs to walk the other way down the street.

Learn how you can maximize your returns with a strategy proven to work from the start.

This guide is an overview of ClickModel™ — our approach to developing custom web-based software solutions for businesses leaders wanting to take their business to the next level. Resulting from more than seventeen years building hundreds of custom software solutions, mobile apps, and websites — the principles outlined are drawn from industry best practices in the software development, user experience (UX), design, and lean startup disciplines.

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With ClickModel, we got to really try the product out at a critical stage in the process. It was a lot more effective and efficient for us.”


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