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Companies changing how the mind works

5+ Companies Changing How the Human Mind Works

Technology offers a world of capabilities previously unavailable. We now have instant transportation or lodging. We...

How to Convince Your Boss You Need a Software Upgrade

We’ve all been there. The software you use at work is at the end of its life. You know it, your co-workers know it,...

General Data Protection Regulations

What U.S. Businesses Need to Know About the General Data Protection Regulations

California pioneered the world of data security when the state passed a law in 2003 requiring mandatory data breach...

4 Hidden Forces that Doom Software Migration (and What To Do About It)

Software migrations can be a nightmare. As you move your system from one platform to another, four major obstacles...

5 Pillars of a Dependable Product Development Process

5 Pillars of a Dependable Product Development Process (Stop Wishing. Start Strategizing.)

“Build, and they probably won’t come.” They won’t come unless your product development process is strategic...

How to Innovate Without Wasting Millions (And Why Jobs to Be Done Really Works)

Guided by the Jobs to Be Done theory, business creators confidently identify and deliver products that prospective and...

Welcome to the Market, Stride. May the Best Chat App Win.

Along with other developers, we are thrilled that Atlassian has decided to start over with Stride. Engineering teams...

How to say no

The Art of Saying “No:” 10 Tips for Positive Push-Back

Learning how to say “no” without burning bridges is an important skill they don’t teach in the classroom. When is...

Content Management Software Pitfalls Image

8 Common Complaints about Content Management Systems

Content is king these days, and your content management system is its chariot. Unfortunately, some chariots struggle...

3 Essential Ingredients of Successful Platform Businesses

The 3 Essential Ingredients of a Successful Platform Business

You probably don’t need to be convinced of the potentially enormous value of a platform-based business. Just take a...

outsourcing software development

What’s the difference between onshore, off-shore, and near shore outsourcing?

Onshore, nearshore, offshore. What does it all mean? Why would you do it? There is no rule for which option is better...

Not Just a Pretty Site: How Wow-Worthy Companies Leverage UX Design to Get Ahead

As a budget-conscious business leader, you are looking for software with results. Results that save time and resources...