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Ask Me Anything: 7 Answers to Common UX Design Questions

This article offers seven UX-inspired answers to common software-related questions. Praxent's lead designer, Nick…

Automating complex sales questions
Strategy, UX & Design

Winning Digital Product Design: Kevin Hurwitz & Deanna Dial talk design tactics on new product development

Praxent Managing Partner Kevin Hurwitz and Principal of Product Strategy, Deanna Dial recently sat down with me for a…

4 Favorite Product Strategy Resources
Project Management, Strategy, UX & Design

Our 5 Favorite Product Strategy Resources

Praxent experts recommend their favorite product strategy resources for product teams seeking greater clarity and focus…

6 Keys to a Successful Product Launch
Strategy, UX & Design

6 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch starts in the earliest stages of development. If the product isn’t the right match, or if…

How to do practical user research
Strategy, UX & Design

How to Do Practical User Research (Without Spending Thousands)

Praxent UX designer, Nick Comito, explains how companies can tackle user research practically and cost-effectively.…

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10 Inspiring UX Design Websites

Re-kindle your inspiration with these informative UX design websites showcasing the products, ideas and designers…

User Centered Design Benefits The Bottom Line
UX & Design

5 Ways User-Centered Design Benefits the Bottom Line

User-centered design is a product development framework that makes a product’s success with end users the top priority…

UX Design Mistakes
UX & Design

11 UX Design Mistakes that Could Be Costing You Business

There are certain rules you just don’t break. Making these UX design mistakes will wreak havoc on your customer’s…

Why Human Centered Design Is Everyones Responsibility Header
Development, Strategy, UX & Design

Creating a Creative Culture & 10 Human-Centered Design Questions Every Product Team Needs to Ask

Human-centered design should be at the heart of the entire product development process. It should define the structure…

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5 Rules to Level Up Your Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is about merging beautiful aesthetics with a high level of functionality. Your app offers a visual…