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7 characteristics successful product teams
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7 Underestimated Traits of Successful Product Teams

Think of a product development company as your strategic partner in your epic quest to take your software from ideation…

4 Favorite Product Strategy Resources
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Our 5 Favorite Product Strategy Resources

Praxent experts recommend their favorite product strategy resources for product teams seeking greater clarity and focus…

React Development
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How to Speed up Development on React Projects | React Boilerplate

When multiple developers are working on multiple projects using React, creating a React boilerplate can speed up…

Product Strategy Mistakes Header
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7 Horrible Product Strategy Mistakes (and what they may be costing you)

Don’t let common product strategy mistakes get in the way of your next big project. Mobile web applications, websites,…

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How to Convince Your Boss You Need a Software Upgrade

We’ve all been there. The software you use at work is at the end of its life. You know it, your co-workers know it, and…

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5 Videos to Help You Become an Agile Scrum Expert

For many developers, Waterfall feels automatic. It’s been drilled into you as the instinctive methodology for…

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4 Hidden Forces that Doom Software Migration (and What To Do About It)

Software migrations can be a nightmare. As you move your system from one platform to another, four major obstacles…

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Feature Branching

This article answers the following questions about feature branching: What is feature branching? How do you implement…

outsourcing software development
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What's the difference between onshore, off-shore, and near shore outsourcing?

Onshore, nearshore, offshore. What does it all mean? Why would you do it? There is no rule for which option is better…

How to Manage an Overseas Development Team
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How to Manage an Overseas Development Team

Step One: Stop thinking of them as your overseas development team and start thinking of them as your development team…