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How to Speed up Development on React Projects | React Boilerplate

When multiple developers are working on multiple projects using React, creating a React boilerplate can speed up…

Quora Web Terms
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More Than a Website: 3 Quora Answers to Your Questions About Web Terms

"Web app," "web site," "web page," "web portal..." This article explains what different web terms mean and offers…

Number One Question for Software Developers 2

The Number One Question for Software Developers

Here’s the number one question for software developers: What is the end business value of the product, feature or new…

How Much Web Apps Cost
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How Much Should You Spend on a Web App? | Cost of Web Apps

This article explores two options businesses face when investigating the cost of web apps and considering how much to…

Risks Creating a Custom App
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4 Risks You’ll Face when Creating a Custom App (Plus Strategies for Guaranteeing ROI)

This article outlines four risks businesses face when creating a custom app, plus strategies for mitigating risk to…

Why Human Centered Design Is Everyones Responsibility Header
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Creating a Creative Culture & 10 Human-Centered Design Questions Every Product Team Needs to Ask

Human-centered design should be at the heart of the entire product development process. It should define the structure…

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes that Can Sink Your Project

This article outlines five common mobile app development mistakes we frequently see other companies make. They may be…

Developers on Twitter

15 Web Developers to Follow to Keep Your Skills Sharp

The internet is a crowded place and when it comes to learning web development, there is a lot of noise. It’s hard to…

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What User Data Is Stored About You & How You Can Minimize Risk

Facebook is the world’s largest directory of people, with more than two billion users. There are 3.5 billion Google…

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How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Grandparents

You’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin in the news lately as the popularity and value increases. But to the technologically…