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5 Rules to Level Up Your Mobile App Design

Mobile app design is about merging beautiful aesthetics with a high level of functionality. Your app offers a visual...

Do I Know You? Create a Memorable Brand Experience Using Human-Centered Design

Bags fly free. The words are memorable, and quickly associated with Southwest Airlines. The corresponding ad campaign...

Welcome to the Market, Stride. May the Best Chat App Win.

Along with other developers, we are thrilled that Atlassian has decided to start over with Stride. Engineering teams...

8 designer job titles

8 Designer Job Titles & Why They Shouldn’t Matter Much in Your Search for Talent

UX designer, visual designer, creative director, UI designer…There are hundreds of different designer job titles....

UX Design Dark Patterns

Fighting the Good Fight Against Dark Patterns

Have you ever tried reading a news article online, only to be interrupted by a popup advertisement or a message asking...

UX Design for Disabled Users

UX Design for Users Affected by Disability & Why You Need to Read This Article

For many companies, UX design for users affected by disability is a second-hand thought, if it even crosses their radar....

Not Just a Pretty Site: How Wow-Worthy Companies Leverage UX Design to Get Ahead

As a budget-conscious business leader, you are looking for software with results. Results that save time and resources...

New to writing software requirements? Here’s how to start.

The tips and guidelines provided in this post come from an actual coaching session we had with a prospective client on...

Visual Communication: How Good Designers Present Information

Visual communication is extremely powerful. It is key to communicating ideas, whether those ideas are related to a web...

5 Traits of Design Thinking on Solutions-Oriented Teams

Design thinking is a solutions-oriented methodology for design. At the heart of design thinking are the core values of...

Improve Communication and Alignment with Visual Deliverables

At Praxent, we excel at end-goal, long-term thinking and that is woven throughout our communication. We incorporate...

5 Characteristics of a UX Design Team You Can Trust

Good UX design relies on effective communication between you and your designers. Great UX design relies on challenging...