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Visual Communication: How Good Designers Present Information

Visual communication is extremely powerful. It is key to communicating ideas, whether those ideas are related to a web page visual, a software prototytpe, or a concept that is not in itself visual, such as a plan of action or a web of relationships. So much gets lost in verbal communication and email. Whether your […]

5 Traits of Design Thinking on Solutions-Oriented Teams

Design thinking is a solutions-oriented methodology for design. At the heart of design thinking are the core values of flexibility, collaboration, empathy, curiosity, and positivity. Why is design thinking important? It opens the door for better-than-expected outcomes for both the client and the user, and it ensures consistent delivery on end-vision throughout each stage of […]

Improve Communication and Alignment with Visual Deliverables

At Praxent, we excel at end-goal, long-term thinking and that is woven throughout our communication. We incorporate communication checkpoints — or “deliverables” — throughout the design process, placing a heavy focus on leveraging these checkpoints for effective, long-term results. Here’s how we do it: we use “deliverables” at every stage of the design process. These […]

5 Characteristics of a UX Design Team You Can Trust

Good UX design relies on effective communication between you and your designers. Great UX design relies on challenging assumptions, understanding business goals, and being able to think critically. In other words: ongoing conversation about product goals and user needs is crucial to creating beautiful, functional, results-oriented digital products that provide accelerated business value. Here’s how […]

Designing 3 Sprints Ahead for Improved User Experience

Luke Wroblewski, an internationally recognized digital product leader, stated, “Design that does not serve people does not serve business.” As the bar for great user experience continues to rise, so must our processes. Software and web products that can’t deliver the experiences that end users expect will not succeed. Raising the bar for great user […]

Project principles for on track, flexible and results-oriented development

Product development can get bogged down and off course — have you experienced this? At Praxent, we’ve created safeguards against wayward decisions that misdirect a project and interfere with its ultimate purpose. One of these safeguards is project principles. A product development process that gets the job done Project principles serve as guiding lights for […]

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Starting a web or mobile project? Begin with an interactive software prototype

Are you kept awake at night by the memory of failed projects that ran over budget or failed to ship on time? Research shows that up to 64% of the software features that are built are never or rarely used. Development teams are lacking concrete software requirements and it’s because too many projects begin without […]

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Gain insight from user experience design

If you are new to the software development process, it can be hard to fathom all of the decisions you’ll eventually have to make. After working on over 300 projects, we’ve concluded that strong user experience design is central to the success of a software project.

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Usability Testing: How to validate your assumptions and build software with confidence

As we’ve said before, one of the most important benefits of software prototyping is the early ability to conduct usability testing. The truth of the matter is that no one will use your product if it’s not easy and intuitive or if it doesn’t solve a problem that users have in the first place. The […]

Designers, you are not imposters

Imposter syndrome – I feel like it affects all of us at some point, but lately I’ve noticed it becoming a pervasive term in the design community. Why is that? I don’t like the power we’ve given to this term. I’ve heard it used around the office, at conferences, at happy hours. You are not […]

Component design – changing the way we build digital products

Here’s Brad Frost introducing atomic design at the 2014 UX Immersion Conference: “Once upon a time there were these things called books. They were heavy and awkward and you’d turn the page and it cut your fingers. It was like an awful invention, I’m so glad they’re not around anymore. They’re miserable things… Ugh. But […]

UX Designers vs Web Designers [infographic]

This infographic from Scorch outlines the different perspectives of UX and Web Designers within the broader context of User Experience Design.

What is Design Thinking? [infographic]

Similar in spirit to the principles behind Agile/Scrum Methodology, Design Thinking spurs innovation and solves complex problems.

A Timeline of Apple Products [infographic]

Infographic provides a great visual overview of Apple products through the years. Note the aesthetic change from beige to rainbow to sleek aluminum.

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