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Risks Creating a Custom App

4 Risks You’ll Face when Creating a Custom App (Plus Strategies for Guaranteeing ROI)

This article outlines four risks businesses face when creating a custom app, plus strategies for mitigating risk to…

How to do practical user research

How to Do Practical User Research (Without Spending Thousands)

Praxent UX designer, Nick Comito, explains how companies can tackle user research practically and cost-effectively. As…

10 Inspiring UX Design Websites

Re-kindle your inspiration with these informative UX design websites showcasing the products, ideas and designers…

User Centered Design Benefits The Bottom Line

5 Ways User-Centered Design Benefits the Bottom Line

User-centered design is a product development framework that makes a product’s success with end users the top priority…

UX Design Mistakes

11 UX Design Mistakes that Could Be Costing You Business

There are certain rules you just don’t break. Making these UX design mistakes will wreak havoc on your customer’s…

Product Strategy Mistakes Header

7 Horrible Product Strategy Mistakes (and what they may be costing you)

Don’t let common product strategy mistakes get in the way of your next big project. Mobile web applications, websites,…

Why Human Centered Design Is Everyones Responsibility Header

Creating a Creative Culture & 10 Human-Centered Design Questions Every Product Team Needs to Ask

Human-centered design should be at the heart of the entire product development process. It should define the structure…

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

5 Mobile App Development Mistakes that Can Sink Your Project

This article outlines five common mobile app development mistakes we frequently see other companies make. They may be…

Companies changing how the mind works

5+ Companies Changing How the Human Mind Works

Technology offers a world of capabilities previously unavailable. We now have instant transportation or lodging. We…

Developers on Twitter

15 Web Developers to Follow to Keep Your Skills Sharp

The internet is a crowded place and when it comes to learning web development, there is a lot of noise. It’s hard to…

What User Data Is Stored About You & How You Can Minimize Risk

Facebook is the world’s largest directory of people, with more than two billion users. There are 3.5 billion Google…

How to Convince Your Boss You Need a Software Upgrade

We’ve all been there. The software you use at work is at the end of its life. You know it, your co-workers know it, and…