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complex sales process

How to Dissolve Sales Bottlenecks with the Right Web App | Simplify Sales Process

Established companies still operating under a manual sales process in 2018 have a tremendous opportunity in front of…

Quora Web Terms

More Than a Website: 3 Quora Answers to Your Questions About Web Terms

"Web app," "web site," "web page," "web portal..." This article explains what different web terms mean and offers…

Number One Question for Software Developers 2

The Number One Question for Software Developers

Here’s the number one question for software developers: What is the end business value of the product, feature or new…

Praxent Disruptive Technology for Complex Sales

How Enterprises Can Experience 23% More Revenue with a Digital Business Strategy

A 2018 Digital Business report by IDG clearly confirms a trend among organizations toward digital business strategy.…

Inc 5000

In the News: Inc. 5000, Clutch & ACG Central Texas

September 12, 2018 - Austin, Texas — This summer, Praxent was recognized in local, regional and national awards from…

Go Team Austin Software

Go Team! Awards from Inc. 5000, Clutch & ACG Central Texas (Plus a New Office)

It’s a good time to work at Praxent. Here’s what makes us stand out among Austin’s many excellent tech companies.…

How Much Web Apps Cost

How Much Should You Spend on a Web App? | Cost of Web Apps

This article explores two options businesses face when investigating the cost of web apps and considering how much to…

6 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

6 Keys to a Successful Product Launch

A successful product launch starts in the earliest stages of development. If the product isn’t the right match, or if…

Risks Creating a Custom App

4 Risks You’ll Face when Creating a Custom App (Plus Strategies for Guaranteeing ROI)

This article outlines four risks businesses face when creating a custom app, plus strategies for mitigating risk to…

How to do practical user research

How to Do Practical User Research (Without Spending Thousands)

Praxent UX designer, Nick Comito, explains how companies can tackle user research practically and cost-effectively.…

10 Inspiring UX Design Websites

Re-kindle your inspiration with these informative UX design websites showcasing the products, ideas and designers…

User Centered Design Benefits The Bottom Line

5 Ways User-Centered Design Benefits the Bottom Line

User-centered design is a product development framework that makes a product’s success with end users the top priority…