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UX design to get ahead

Not Just a Pretty Site: How Wow-Worthy Companies Leverage UX Design to Get Ahead

As a budget-conscious business leader, you are looking for software with results. Results that save time and resources...

New to writing software requirements? Here’s how to start.

The tips and guidelines provided in this post come from an actual coaching session we had with a prospective client on...

inefficient software off-the-shelf software

What to do when your inefficient software is costing you more than it’s worth

Standing out among competitors is every company’s goal. But there is a cost to being original. While stand-out...

new website not performing thumbnail

Is your new website not performing? If so, you’re not alone.

Company A was a successful electronics and components manufacturer. Recently recognized by Fortune as one of the...

Build vs. Buy Software: Pros, Cons & Six Questions to Consider before Taking the Plunge

To build or not to build, that is the question! Shakespearean humor aside, the decision to build vs. buy software is a...

do mobile apps improve customer service

Do mobile apps improve customer service? The proof is in the pudding for on-the-go technology.

Do mobile apps improve customer service? If you own a smartphone you probably already know the answer to this question....

4 reasons to move your sales online with custom ecommerce

4 reasons to move your sales online with a custom e-Commerce web app

Interested in boosting your current business with a custom eCommerce web app? We sure can’t blame you. There’s a...

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart product technology

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart technology solutions

You may have heard the phrase “The Internet of Things” tossed around quite a bit lately. This concept refers to the...

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems - which is better for your business? header

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems: The right tool for the job

Don’t let the technical jargon intimidate you, understanding the difference between dimensional and relational...

6 fatal mistakes of software modernization

The 6 Fatal Mistakes of Software Modernization Projects and How to Make Yours Succeed.

Pardon the grim analogy, but if you ever needed major surgery for say, a leg injury, chances are you would search out...

software modernization graphic

Thinking about modernizing your legacy enterprise software? Stop and read this first.

Do you dream of ditching your current enterprise software for something newer and better? Does it feel like a worn-out,...

MEAN vs. LAMP stack: Which one is better?

In the spirit of equipping you to make informed technology decisions that pay off, we thought it would be a good idea...