4 reasons to move your sales online with custom ecommerce

4 reasons to move your sales online with a custom eCommerce web app

Interested in boosting your current business with a custom eCommerce web app? We sure can’t blame you. There’s a very good reason every major retailer in the market has their own custom online store. In fact, there are several good reasons: No Time Constraints With a custom eCommerce web app, you are giving your clients […]

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart product technology

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart product technology

You may have heard the phrase “The Internet of Things” tossed around quite a bit lately. This concept refers to the explosively popular movement in developing smart product technology. Businesses of all kinds are scrambling to jump on the smart product technology bandwagon, and for good reason. They recognize that there is a fierce consumer […]

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems - which is better for your business? header

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems: The right tool for the job

Don’t let the technical jargon intimidate you, understanding the difference between dimensional and relational database modeling systems is actually quite simple. We can all agree that a pair of scissors and a knife both fall into the category of cutting tools, but you wouldn’t typically choose a knife to cut a paper snowflake and you […]

6 fatal mistakes of software modernization

The 6 Fatal Mistakes of Software Modernization Projects and How to Make Yours Succeed.

Pardon the grim analogy, but if you ever needed major surgery for say, a leg injury, chances are you would search out the least invasive, quickest-healing procedure so that you could get back on your feet and get on with your life as soon as possible. You wouldn’t choose to perform an unnecessary amputation and […]

software modernization graphic

Thinking about modernizing your legacy enterprise software? Stop and read this first.

Do you dream of ditching your current enterprise software for something newer and better? Does it feel like a worn-out, codependent relationship that desperately needs to end so that you can start a new life with a more attractive and fulfilling piece of software? Are you putting way too much work into this relationship and […]

business intelligence featured image

Make Informed Decisions with Business Intelligence Software

Peter Drucker was right. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” Business intelligence matters because making decisions based on information rather than on gut instinct is crucial to healthy business practice. Its no secret — businesses that collect and analyze their data and take appropriate action based on the resulting insights are more successful than […]

MEAN vs. LAMP stack: Which one is better?

In the spirit of equipping you to make informed technology decisions that pay off, we thought it would be a good idea to offer a short comparison of MEAN vs. LAMP stack. If you’ve worked with software developers before, you may have heard these two terms thrown around. But what do they mean? And why […]

Texas software development

Understanding DevOps before choosing a software developer

You and your fellow stakeholders have determined that your organization requires its own platform in order to expand in size and scope. Your goal is to offer employees, vendors, and customers a more engaging experience with effective UX design and custom software development that really works. You may have an IT department or some kind […]

How much does custom software cost?

We’ve heard horror stories of businesses who were unpleasantly surprised by how much their custom software cost at other firms. The price they paid wasn’t aligned with what they expected to receive. We’ve taken notice of this phenomena and endeavored to do the opposite. This is why at Praxent, we place serious emphasis on project […]

Praxent Software Development

Agile software development: a process that puts you in command

The decision to build software usually stems from one of two events:
 You might have a specific pain point that needs resolution. Many of Praxent’s clients are completing tasks manually, swimming in spreadsheets, and desperately need automation that results in profit-boosting efficiency. Or, you may have a breakthrough idea that could set you apart in […]

Testing Webhooks Locally with UltraHook

UltraHook is a nifty utility that I’ve begun using on recent projects that require webhook integration that solves a small but critical problem: How do you test remote server requests locally? In my scenario, my server needed to be notified of successful Stripe recurring charges in real time. Without webhooks, multiple queries would need to […]

The Godfather IV: The dangerous interest of technical debt

Praxent’s software development process helps manage technical debt successfullyIf you’re not a software developer, it can be hard to understand the real impact of technical debt. What does it matter if a few 1s and 0s are out of place, as long as the software looks good and usually does what you want it to? […]

The 3 critical questions to ask your software development company

In our 14 years of business, I’ve been asked all sorts of questions by prospective clients. In hiring our team, I’ve also had the opportunity to ask a lot of developers questions. Through this experience, I’ve learned that there are three really important questions to discuss. Now I’m certainly not recommending you only ask your […]

Don’t trust your software estimate without a UX prototype

In this blog series, I’ve been talking a lot about the IAG Consulting report that claims that 68% of IT related (and that includes custom software) projects fail. The report defines project failure as (a) a significant shortage of critical functionality delivered or (b) the project exceeds the budget by a significant margin. As described […]

Software requirements gathering: a formula for success

Once the big requirements gathering questions have been answered (see part I of the series) and you’ve hired a software shop, your development team should ask the little questions next. These relate to the dozens or even hundreds of specific software requirements included in the project. When it comes to language, developers tend to be literal-minded. […]

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