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Developers on Twitter

15 Web Developers to Follow to Keep Your Skills Sharp

The internet is a crowded place and when it comes to learning web development, there is a lot of noise. It’s hard to...

What User Data Is Stored About You & How You Can Minimize Risk

Facebook is the world’s largest directory of people, with more than two billion users. There are 3.5 billion Google...

How to Explain Bitcoin to Your Grandparents

You’ve heard a lot about Bitcoin in the news lately as the popularity and value increases. But to the technologically...

5 Videos to Help You Become an Agile Scrum Expert

For many developers, Waterfall feels automatic. It’s been drilled into you as the instinctive methodology for...

AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud: Which Cloud Service Is Right For You?

If you’re like many businesses, you’ve decided that you need to move to the cloud and with good reason. More and...

4 Hidden Forces that Doom Software Migration (and What To Do About It)

Software migrations can be a nightmare. As you move your system from one platform to another, four major obstacles...

5 Pillars of a Dependable Product Development Process

5 Pillars of a Dependable Product Development Process (Stop Wishing. Start Strategizing.)

“Build, and they probably won’t come.” They won’t come unless your product development process is strategic...

How to Innovate Without Wasting Millions (And Why Jobs to Be Done Really Works)

Guided by the Jobs to Be Done theory, business creators confidently identify and deliver products that prospective and...

What Is Blockchain

How Blockchain Works on Trust

This article explains how blockchain works and why it’s catching on in various industries around the world. Be...

A Step-By-Step Guide to Feature Branching

This article answers the following questions about feature branching: What is feature branching? How do you implement...

Praxent Named the Best Software Development Company in Texas by Clutch

Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews site, released their latest research identifying the top software developers in...

Software Version Numbers

A Complete Guide to Understanding Software Version Numbers

What is a software version number? Software version numbers indicate changes in a software product. As developers...