Authored by Andrew Elster

Few business processes are more fragile than the online checkout form. Guiding the client from “Add to cart” to “Finalize Purchase” is difficult and frought with peril and, if poorly designed, the result is a high abandonment rate. It is not uncommon for online stores to witness 75% of their customers bailing out of the checkout process.

Naturally, the best and brightest business minds have analyzed and measured every metric of this unacceptable situation. Among the many insights gleaned, one of the most significant factors, which dramatically improved checkout retention, was to simply reduce the checkout form to a single page. By eliminating multi-screen/multi-step forms, you reduce the hoops your customer must jump through.

From your customer’s perspective, the checkout process ceases to appear intimidating. With the end in sight, your customer is much more likely to feel that checking out is easy and, subsequently, are much more likely to complete the purchase. Single page checkout means an increase in actual purchases (and there was much rejoicing in business land).{C}{C}{C}{C}

At Praxent, this is one (of many) reasons we recommend Ubercart as your e-commerce solution. Out of the box, Ubercart sports a single page checkout form that reduces the time and steps required to finalize a purchase.

Additionally, Ubercart does not require customers to break away from the purchasing mindset and take a member registration detour. It’s one less form standing between your customer and a completed sale and anonymous checkout is yet another example of why Ubercart is loved by shoppers and website owners alike.

Designed from the ground up to simplify and improve your customers experience, switching your store to Ubercart is a no-brainer.

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