Innovation is about solving problems. It’s about purposeful and outcome-driven creativity and change. It requires a certain way of thinking — design thinking.

Organizations and teams who cultivate and strengthen their design thinking abilities will unlock their potential to innovate with success.

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2019 Design Thinking Conference | Austin, Texas

This April, professionals in innovation, experience design, human factors engineering, as well as people simply seeking to promote design thinking within their organization will gather for a three-day conference in Austin, Texas to invest in building the skills and mindset it takes to innovate like designers.

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Field Manual for Rapid Innovation | Design Thinking Conference 2019

Praxent’s product design principle, Deanna Dial, and product design director, Ryan Spanswick, will be presenting at the 2019 Design Thinking conference on the topic of building innovation culture within established organizations.

Join this session for an in-depth workshop on the five tactics that drive effective and rapid digital innovation within an organization.

5 Practical Ways to Make Innovation a Viable Part of Your Company Culture

Leveraging their years of experience leading innovation teams — plus a deep-dive case study from real estate success story, Bungalo Homes — Ryan and Deanna will explore:

  • How these 5 tactics drive actionable value for stakeholders
  • Real-world examples of each tactic in action
  • Practical tips for avoiding fear-based pitfalls so that you can successfully build an innovation culture

>> These 5 traits are critical to fostering design thinking on solutions-oriented teams.

About the Presenters

Deanna Dial

Deanna Dial PraxentDeanna is a passionate product leader with over 10 years of experience in the strategy, design, and development of websites and mobile apps. Her background includes working with Fortune 100 companies and various start-ups. She practices human-centered design to gather empathy while architecting digital solutions.

Ryan Spanswick

Ryan Spanswick PraxentRyan has over a decade of experience in user experience design, visual design front end development, user research and creative leadership. He is passionate about developing creative professionals and finding ways to make his team more successful.