Is your product development team listening to you?

You understand your business, your brand, and your clientele. It’s hard to imagine someone else being able to understand these complexities as deeply as you do. Unfortunately, it’s unusual to find a development team who will do the hard work of getting to know your business. It’s easier for outsiders to call it good after […]


Leverage technical debt to optimize custom software development

Is technical debt really such a bad thing? Many product managers and developers would say yes. And that’s an understandable perspective. A swift, deal-with-it-now solution is sometimes seen as a kludge — something that works today, but inevitably costs you time, energy and money down the road because it was never designed to meet future […]

The 3 critical questions to ask your software development company

In our 14 years of business, I’ve been asked all sorts of questions by prospective clients. In hiring our team, I’ve also had the opportunity to ask a lot of developers questions. Through this experience, I’ve learned that there are three really important questions to discuss. Now I’m certainly not recommending you only ask your […]

Software project planning is not a phase, it’s a ritual

In the 90’s the prevailing analogy used to describe software development to business leaders was manufacturing. In this analogy, software requirements, like raw materials, would flow into the factory and progress through a series of workstations (aka software developers) that spit out new features ready to be shipped. The book The Phoenix Project taught me that […]

Software requirements gathering: a formula for success

Once the big requirements gathering questions have been answered (see part I of the series) and you’ve hired a software shop, your development team should ask the little questions next. These relate to the dozens or even hundreds of specific software requirements included in the project. When it comes to language, developers tend to be literal-minded. […]

What is Design Thinking? [infographic]

Similar in spirit to the principles behind Agile/Scrum Methodology, Design Thinking spurs innovation and solves complex problems.

How to Recognize Feature Creep

Des Traynor, Co-founder & VP, Customer Success at Intercom explains how his software developers identify which features get built and which ones don't

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