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A Step-By-Step Guide to Feature Branching

This article answers the following questions about feature branching: What is feature branching? How do you implement...

outsourcing software development

What’s the difference between onshore, off-shore, and near shore outsourcing?

Onshore, nearshore, offshore. What does it all mean? Why would you do it? There is no rule for which option is better...

How to Manage an Overseas Development Team

How to Manage an Overseas Development Team

Step One: Stop thinking of them as your overseas development team and start thinking of them as your development team...

5 Infrastructure Components for Accurate & On-Time Software Development

A lot goes into developing and building a piece of software. But for supremely successful projects, a considerable...

Is your product development team listening to you?

You understand your business, your brand, and your clientele. It’s hard to imagine someone else being able to...


Leverage technical debt to optimize custom software development

Is technical debt really such a bad thing? Many product managers and developers would say yes. And that’s an...

The 3 critical questions to ask your software development company

In our 14 years of business, I’ve been asked all sorts of questions by prospective clients. In hiring our team, I’ve...

Tim Ferriss productivity hacks for software developers and beyond

Given the number of life-hacking software developers and solution architects in our office, it should come as no...

Custom software: transparency is a tool, not a goal

We’re all guilty of it: overusing a particular word until it loses its meaning. Words like “synergy,”...

Business growth: the diminishing window of valuable ignorance

By Jordan Epton I want to take a moment to tell you a story... A team is sent to the mountains to find treasures. A...

What HGTV and your custom software project have in common

If you’re like me, you watch enough shows on HGTV to make you think you know something (if not everything) about real...

Software project planning is not a phase, it’s a ritual

In the 90's, the prevailing analogy used to describe software development to business leaders was manufacturing. In this...