Praxent Approach

With Praxent, you come first, not technology:
Your business goals. Your end users’ needs. Your stakeholders’ expectations.
Your budget considerations. Your timeline.

CLICKMODEL® Software Prototyping

Reduce your project risk with software prototyping

Requirements documents have a crucial weakness:  each person involved must interpret the requirements in exactly the same way in order to achieve a successful outcome.

With the right User Experience design you leave nothing up for interpretation. We call it ClickModel, the experience-it-before-you-build-it approach to software prototyping. With this component of our software development methodology, users and stakeholders become aligned around a shared, coherent understanding of the intended end result.

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ClickModel Software Prototyping

Agile software development methodologies

Agile software development methodologies mean flexibility to change your mind

It’s unavoidable that business goals and user needs will change before your project is finished. Instead of fighting this reality, work with a team that can pivot as the need arises. No change orders, no pushback and no waiting until the end of the project to make adjustments.

With our AGILEDEV® software development approach, course corrections will be integrated into active development while maintaining forward momentum. An experienced team of software engineering experts using agile development practices are your ticket to building custom software in a lean, intelligent way.

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COMMANDVIEW® Project Analytics + Reporting

Weekly reports show your team’s progress transparently

You can’t make informed decisions if you don’t have information. Budget, scope, project momentum, rate of spend, invoice forecasting: each of these are levers that impact your project. Change one and it impacts everything else. Don’t put up with being blind.

Project analytics and reporting are core to our software development methodology. With CommandView, our proprietary weekly project health report, we give you the clarity to govern the budgetary and timeline impact of change-your-mind flexibility.

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CommandView Software Project Control

Deliberate, visionary, reliable and process-oriented. Finally. Someone who understands my vision and has a clear plan for realizing it. Highly recommended.”

Greg Crabtree / CEO / Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, Huntsville AL

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