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Build a custom solution that puts you in control.

Product Design + Strategy

Remove the risk before you even start. We conduct user research to validate your idea and assumptions, so you don’t waste time and money building features your customers won’t use.

UX Design Services

A software prototyping approach that starts with the user experience to ensure all the right questions are answered before you invest in development.

Custom Software Development

With the right custom software, businesses can mine new sources of value and discover brand-new markets.

Mobile App Development

Native apps for mobile devices, responsive web applications, and cloud-based data integration with local storage for offline functionality.

Web App Development

Reliable solutions that dramatically improve your internal processes. Custom developed innovations that can change the course of your industry.


You may not need to replace your software. You may just need to replace your software team. Choose a software development firm that can turn legacy software into an asset.

Did you know?

68% of Software Projects Fail

Praxent is a start-to-finish custom software firm based in Austin, TX and we hate this statistic. We didn’t settle for D’s in school and we certainly won’t at work. Living in the Capitol of Weird, we’ve experienced the gamut when it comes to custom software projects — building everything from oil rig scanners to customer portals. In our 17 years, we’ve picked up a trick or two to avoid letting our software projects fall victim to this unfortunate industry norm.

Using a human-centered approach, we begin by designing a prototype and product strategy based on user research and feedback, which informs the rest of the development process. Our Solution Architects then create a technical strategy to turn your dream into a reality. Throughout the development process, we deliver weekly reports so that you can make sure your project is staying on-time and in-budget.

Sometimes it’s good to be weird.

You’ll be in good company

What is your X-factor?


There are four types of businesses in the world: asset-based businesses, service provides, product firms, and platforms. The average valuation of each type is as follows: 2X revenue, 2.6X, 4.8X, and 8.2X. With custom software services, we help service-based businesses unlock profitability and increase their valuation.

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When you partner with Praxent, you get more of … everything.

Human Innovation
Skilled consultants

Total confidence in a team of consultants who “get” you — who understand your vision early, challenge and elevate your thinking, and amplify your impact.

Information Systems
Service innovation

A powerful ability to make the services you offer more profitable and improve the experience for your clients, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Financial prosperity

Significant value creation, whether you’re eliminating operational friction or unlocking opportunities for scalability, growth in revenue and a reduction in costs.

Predictable outcomes

The peace of mind of knowing you’ll see a return on every investment you make with us.

“Business needs change constantly, and Praxent has consistently been willing to change course at the drop of a hat when we need to modify some aspect of the project.”

CFO / Hemp supplier / Broomfield, Colorado

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Since 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of client partners across numerous industries automate business processes, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks, and grow the bottom line with custom software services.

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