When Your Software Development Company Has Your Back: A True Heroic Story

Recently, our developer Holly Gibson saved a manufacturing client from having to recall thousands of extremely expensive scanning units. How? She discovered and solved a display error present in their original unit design. The client builds scanners that detect defects in the plates of oil tank floors. As technicians work to find any and all […]

Hackathon: DevOps, GoLang, Web Games, and Communicating Design

This year, we decided to take our Hackathons up a notch by holding them every quarter. In our final hackathon of the year, we had a diverse showcase of projects by both the developers and non-developers. While the devs worked on projects like exploring GoLang using Slack as sandbox and coding local environment setup scripts, the non-developers […]

Praxent Launches OpenTeams

OpenTeams enables multi-user teams to start, share and build ideas into refined initiatives and/or business plans.

OpenTeams Selects Astonish Design

OpenTeams (Houston, TX) is nearing the release of its collaborative innovation software-as-a-service that Praxent worked with them to create.

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