EP056: Tom Stewart & Woo, Wow, and Win

Tom Stewart, Author of Woo, Wow, and Win
Tom Stewart, Author of Woo, Wow, and Win


Woo, Wow, and Win reveals the importance of designing your company around service, and offers clear, practical strategies based on the idea that the design of services is markedly different than manufacturing. Most companies, both digital and brick-and-mortar, B2B or B2C; are not designed for service—to provide an experience that matches a customer’s expectations with every interaction and serves the company’s needs.

When customers have more choices than ever before, study after study reveals that it’s the experience that makes the difference. To provide great experiences that keep customers coming back, businesses must design their services with as much care as their products.

Tune in for our interview with Tom Stewart, an authority on intellectual capital and knowledge management, and an influential thought leader on global management issues and ideas.

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Key Takeaways:

[02:04] Service design is the most important management discipline you haven’t heard of.

[3:56] Services are experiences, and therefore open to user interpretation.

[6:45] It’s harder to produce planned outcomes with services.

[11:36] Starbucks is a beautiful example of service design, from start to finish.

[16:06] The four design archetypes:

  • The Trend-Setter
  • The Classic
  • The Old Shoe
  • The Bargain

[19:58] Design your business around customer emotion.

[25:33] Critical moments can make or break your customer relationships.

[30:06] Providing an omnichannel experience is hard.

[32:50] A big city hospital designs the patient experience.

[35:16] Growth is the great enemy of strategy.

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