Having founded Praxent 15 years ago, Tim is actively involved in the strategy and operation of the firm with a passion for perfecting the process of software development and building a world-class culture. With degrees in MIS and Economics from UT Austin, Tim has extensive experience with enterprise IT and business management.

API Business Strategy

How to Increase Your Product User Base with an API Business Strategy

Published February 23, 2017 on TopAppCreators — “How to Increase Your Product User Base with an API Business Strategy” API strategy or design is the process of identifying and developing data-sharing and compatibility between systems. The ability to streamline applications and products with APIs (or Application Program Interfaces) has become an invaluable business strategy for […]

EP057: Patricia O’Connell & Woo, Wow, and Win

Band-aid strategies for pleasing customers aren’t enough to differentiate your business. Your business needs to be designed for service from the ground, up. In today’s interview with Patricia O’Connell we discover the importance of service design in businesses that compete today. Patricia shares her journey of discovery in the field of service design and the […]

4 reasons to move your sales online with custom ecommerce

4 reasons to move your sales online with a custom eCommerce web app

Interested in boosting your current business with a custom eCommerce web app? We sure can’t blame you. There’s a very good reason every major retailer in the market has their own custom online store. In fact, there are several good reasons: No Time Constraints With a custom eCommerce web app, you are giving your clients […]

When Your Software Development Company Has Your Back: A True Heroic Story

Recently, our developer Holly Gibson saved a manufacturing client from having to recall thousands of extremely expensive scanning units. How? She discovered and solved a display error present in their original unit design. The client builds scanners that detect defects in the plates of oil tank floors. As technicians work to find any and all […]

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart product technology

How to get your business ahead of the curve by developing smart product technology

You may have heard the phrase “The Internet of Things” tossed around quite a bit lately. This concept refers to the explosively popular movement in developing smart product technology. Businesses of all kinds are scrambling to jump on the smart product technology bandwagon, and for good reason. They recognize that there is a fierce consumer […]

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems - which is better for your business? header

Dimensional and relational database modeling systems: The right tool for the job

Don’t let the technical jargon intimidate you, understanding the difference between dimensional and relational database modeling systems is actually quite simple. We can all agree that a pair of scissors and a knife both fall into the category of cutting tools, but you wouldn’t typically choose a knife to cut a paper snowflake and you […]

EP056: Tom Stewart & Woo, Wow, and Win

  Woo, Wow, and Win reveals the importance of designing your company around service, and offers clear, practical strategies based on the idea that the design of services is markedly different than manufacturing. Most companies, both digital and brick-and-mortar, B2B or B2C; are not designed for service—to provide an experience that matches a customer’s expectations […]

EP055: Marc Stickdorn & Service Design Thinking

  Service design thinking is the designing and marketing of services that improve the customer experience, and the interactions between the service providers and the customers. Tune in for our interview with Marc Stickdorn, consultant, speaker and author of This Is Service Design Thinking as we discuss the key principles of service design and how […]

EP054: John Mullins & The Customer-Funded Business

In The Customer-Funded Business, best-selling author John Mullins uncovers five novel approaches that scrappy and innovative 21st century entrepreneurs working in companies large and small have ingeniously adapted from their predecessors like Dell, Gates, and the Zieglers. In a world where three out of four venture-backed startups fail, customer-funded businesses offer a sure-footed path to […]

5 Tech Trends: Will Disruption Double or Destroy Your Business?

Published October 16, 2016 in Texas CEO Magazine — “5 Tech Trends: Will Disruption Double or Destroy Your Business?” We are all familiar with industries that have been upended by recent technology innovations. Whether it is Wikipedia relegating encyclopedias to the history books, Netflix taking over the home entertainment industry, or Uber disrupting transportation, next […]

Improve Communication and Alignment with Visual Deliverables

At Praxent, we excel at end-goal, long-term thinking and that is woven throughout our communication. We incorporate communication checkpoints — or “deliverables” — throughout the design process, placing a heavy focus on leveraging these checkpoints for effective, long-term results. Here’s how we do it: we use “deliverables” at every stage of the design process. These […]

5 Characteristics of a UX Design Team You Can Trust

Good UX design relies on effective communication between you and your designers. Great UX design relies on challenging assumptions, understanding business goals, and being able to think critically. In other words: ongoing conversation about product goals and user needs is crucial to creating beautiful, functional, results-oriented digital products that provide accelerated business value. Here’s how […]

EP053: Keith Casey & A Practical Approach to API Design

Keith Casey is co-author of A Practical Approach to API design: From Principles to Practice. Former Developer Evangelist at Twilio, his current work with Okta focuses on identity and authentication APIs. Keith is a software engineer focusing on creating open architecture, specifically APIs. His goal is to get good technology into the hands of good […]

EP052: Karen Dillon & Competing Against Luck

Journalist, author, and speaker, Karen Dillon is a former editor of Harvard Business Review Magazine, and the former Deputy Editor of Inc. Magazine. She recently co-authored Competing Against Luck with Clay Christensen. Using the Jobs to Be Done framework, Karen Dillon and her co-authors help businesses understand what causes customers to “hire” a product or […]

Texas custom software

Gain insight from user experience design

If you are new to the software development process, it can be hard to fathom all of the decisions you’ll eventually have to make. After working on over 300 projects, we’ve concluded that strong user experience design is central to the success of a software project.

Texas custom software

Usability Testing: How to validate your assumptions and build software with confidence

As we’ve said before, one of the most important benefits of software prototyping is the early ability to conduct usability testing. The truth of the matter is that no one will use your product if it’s not easy and intuitive or if it doesn’t solve a problem that users have in the first place. The […]

EP051: David Hubbard & Technology for Sales and Marketing

David Hubbard is a Revenue Growth Expert and CEO of Marketing Outfield. He works with private and public companies to strategically align sales, marketing, and product development efforts and grow annual revenues by 25-50%. He creates growth machines by integrating a company’s core values into the customer decision-making process.     Key Takeaways: [1:14] Many […]

EP050: Jim Kalbach on Designing Web Navigation and Mapping Experiences

Jim Kalbach is a noted author, speaker, and instructor in user experience design, information architecture, and strategy. He is currently the Head of Consulting and Education with MURAL, a leading online whiteboard for digital collaboration. Previously, Jim has worked with large companies, such as Audi, SONY, Elsevier Science, Lexis Nexis, Citrix, and eBay, among others. […]

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