EP051: David Hubbard & Technology for Sales and Marketing

David Hubbard, CEO, Marketing Outfield

David Hubbard is a Revenue Growth Expert and CEO of Marketing Outfield. He works with private and public companies to strategically align sales, marketing, and product development efforts and grow annual revenues by 25-50%. He creates growth machines by integrating a company’s core values into the customer decision-making process.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:14] Many companies struggle to find alignment between the three revenue-producing functions of product management, product marketing, and sales.

[3:31] When companies struggle with alignment, the customer experiences mixed messages in the purchasing decision-making process.

[9:11] Technology is causing marketing efforts to be more complicated than ever before.

[11:42] Make the most of sales and marketing efforts through integration.

[17:28] Align systems to create a growth machine.

[24:00] Focus on the core value of the company.

[25:33] Making a product successful in the marketplace is the greatest cost a company has.

[28:09] Pressure can force entrepreneurs to do things faster than they should be done.

[31:00] A good product manager is the most important thing you can have in your business.

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