EP049: Daniel Burrus & The Future of Global Trends and Innovation

Global Futurist, Daniel Burrus

Author of the NYT and WSJ bestseller, Flash Foresight, Daniel Burrus is a futurist in global trends and innovation. A leading consultant to Google, Proctor & Gamble, IBM, and many other Fortune 500 firms, Daniel Burrus provides strategic advice for predicting forthcoming market innovators and anticipating disruptions before they disrupt. His Anticipatory Organization Model uses the key components of hard and soft trends to identify transformative, pre-active solutions.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:33] To see the invisible and do the impossible, you must start with certainty.

[7:02] How a forecaster can separate hard trends from soft trends.

[9:45] The three categories of hard trends:

  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Government Regulations

[19:24] Examples of how soft trends can be influenced and manipulated.

[22:41] An anticipatory organization must anticipate game-changing opportunities before the competition sees them.

[25:28] Amazon is using anticipatory techniques along with hard and soft trends to create a new experience for their customers.

[29:25] The key is to be pre-active to future known events.

[30:48] The next four years will include the transformation of every business market.

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