EP048: Bill Halal & Technology’s Promise

Author and scholar, Bill Halal
Author and scholar, Bill Halal

Author of six books, with a seventh in the works, Bill Halal is a Professor Emeritus of Management, Technology and Innovation at George Washington University. As the President of TechCast, Bill Halal and his team study the impact of artificial intelligence, the age of knowledge as compared to the age of consciousness, and future forecasting with a goal of simplifying change at the meso-economic level.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:09] TechCast is a collective intelligence system that collects background data on emerging technologies, social trends, and wildcards.

[2:56] TechCast has forecasted that 30% of routine knowledge work will be automated by 2025.

[9:08] Bill Halal explains the Age of Consciousness, a great frontier to be explored.

[11:59] In the future, the corporation will be redefined as the focus of making money becomes obsolete.

[15:39] The future of organizations is one of small, self-contained enterprises.

[19:39] A stable economic system less prone to booms and bust is a possibility of the future.

[21:00] Universally guaranteed income may allow people’s innate goals and interests to emerge.

[24:56] How can managers use forecasts to navigate a meso-economy?

[27:34] Traditional corporate accounting systems do not include social impacts.

[29:00] A successful corporation needs a committed labor force.

[30:36] US corporate leaders need a transformation from their single-minded focus on money.

[34:40] Find out more about Dr. Bill Halal.

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