EP047: John DiJulius and The Customer Service Revolution

John DiJulius
John DiJulius, Author of The Customer Service Revolution

Best-selling author of three customer service books, John DiJulius shares how a company can make their customer service approach and their customer experience their single biggest competitive advantage. Training is the #1 factor in an employee’s ability to recognize and deliver world class customer service. In order to extract the gifts of a millennial workforce, an organization must include them in the corporate purpose.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:32] Is it possible for a business to make price irrelevant, by competing in experience wars?

[7:36] A real business example of how Lexus breeds customer loyalty by reducing a ‘grudge by’ factor.

[10:24] How to reinforce the customer service vision statement using with three key pillars:

  • Quality
  • Customer interaction
  • Going above and beyond

[13:03] The Starbucks example — A customer service vision statement must be measurable, observable, actionable, and trainable. The acronym MOAT is helpful in remembering this.

[16:49] The currency for millennials is purpose.

[17:57] E-commerce giants give us whatever we want instantly.

[22:34] How to measure the service aptitude of a company.

[27:55] Training is the only way a business can proactively shape an employee to increase their awareness of what a world class customer experience is.

[30:55] The always and never list.

[34:39] The secret service component is the ability to collect customer intelligence and utilize it to personalize their experience.

[35:30] How the acronym FORD represents the most important things to the person you are serving:

  • Family
  • Occupation
  • Recreation
  • Dreams

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