EP035: Essence Mining and Meaning at Work with Danny Gutknecht

Danny Gutknecht
Danny Gutknecht, author of Meaning At Work and CEO at PathwaysPHX

Today’s guest, Danny Gutknecht is an expert in all things, talent. He is CEO of the HR Management company, Pathways and is the author of a new book – Essence: Meaning at Work. He shares his model of Essence mining, a way for companies to uncover key information used to drive higher productivity, collaboration, and innovation within their organizations. In addition, he defines organizational meaning language and gives real world business examples of how to incorporate aspirations, beliefs, and values into core principles and goals.

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Key Takeaways:

[1:05] Find out how to build cohesive, productive teams if you understand your organizational meaning language.

[7:09] There are 3 consistent themes shared throughout organizations: aspirations, beliefs and values.

[10:17] So, is it still important to post a company’s mission statement and values for all to see?

[15:40] What is an Organizational Dynamic Lingua Franca and how does it apply to business today?

[23:17] A structured natural conversation is the best way to get to the “meaning language” and the passion with an organization.

[28:29] The connection of meaning shows that meaning can be pulled out as a separate entity.

[36:24] Contact information for Danny Gutknecht and how to pre-order his book, Essence: Meaning at Work.