EP006: Creating the Right Brand Promise and ONE Phrase Strategy with Rob Lynch

If your company is not solving your customers hair on fire issue your competitor is. Your brand promise should be dictated by the clients needs and not a vague conglomeration of popular buzzwords. Inspiring employees to embrace a go with the market flow culture can help you to achieve operational excellence. And empowering those individuals to provide service beyond compare will help your company to obtain and transcend the necessary customer intimacy discipline.

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Key Takeaways

[1:51] Rob’s extensive background

[2:46] The genius book of great thought leaders

[4:50] Strategy in terms of revenue growth

[5:36] You business strategy in a single phrase

[6:39] The brand promise – solving your clients issue differently

[9:48] The hair on fire issue

[12:18] An example of a small company that hit it big – Rackspace

[17:30] The customer intimacy strategy

[18:50] Obsessing over the metrics pays off

[23:18] 3 steps to grow your company

[24:38] The 20 year overnight success

[26:47] Create an inspirational culture

[28:02] The natural resource that is flow

[30:28] The central idea through a series of basecamps

[31:55] Changing your strategy as the market changes

[34:00] 3 different pathways or disciplines

[36:15] Embracing self organizing teams

[39:17] What does fanatical support look like to your company?

[39:50] Achieving operational excellence

[42:02] A market story of proper focus and discipline

[44:24] [email protected]