EP005: Business Innovations Built from Strategic Game Playing with Rich Mulholland

Legacy thinking may be taking over your business. Brainstorming sessions may not be a useful as playing strategic games that build upon constraints. Take a chance and be open to democratic solutions and flexible work environments to jump start a new idea. As long as you have hired like minded people your business will move past the old way of doing things and on to the new. Try looking at your business as if it belonged to somebody else. Use education as a way to gain loyalty with clients and when giving a presentation please be authentic. The audience will know if you are not.

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Key Takeaways

[1:32] Innovation doesn’t happen when you start doing something new

[2:33] AV is important but presentations are more important

[3:48] Solving presentation problems for today’s world

[4:46] Fall in love with problems

[6:05] There are opportunities in the things that frustrate you

[6:44] Constraints produce innovative results

[9:25] Make sure your cash cows are not a crutch for your business

[11:00] Controlling your burn through raising the bar of expectation

[12:44] Ask this of your business “Are we still adding value?”

[13:54] Become the experts by educating your clients

[15:32] People learn through interaction and metaphor

[16:44] Playing games to increase the understanding of business

[18:00] Look at your business as if it belonged to somebody else

[20:16] Annual strategic planning sessions for big deployments

[21:40] The Monday meeting created the fall of the Berlin wall

[24:50] Trying out a business democracy

[26:38] The team created their own manifesto through empowerment

[27:27] Exit interviews created autonomy in our office

[29:21] Caught in the act is a source of motivation

[31:35] Hire like-minded people with similar values

[33:30] How much of an a**hole are you is a gauge of how not to behave in business

[35:19] To be a good presenter you should always be authentic

[38:28] Download Star Realms and challenge Mulhulligan