EP004: Jay Papasan & The One Thing

As a leader you may have a hard time saying no because you are an abundant thinker. If you learn to say no to the four thieves of productivity you can focus on the most important, most profitable, most necessary part of your business. Saying no can be aspirin for the modern business person. True mastery comes with time, practice and experience. Make a concerted effort to define what it is that you can call your one thing and dedicate yourself to it. Let your heart lead your head to stop living a life of regret. Pick your moment of truth and start making a difference in your life.

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Key Takeaways

[1:34] The heart of the One thing book

[2:58] Proven methods for implementation

[3:20] Gary wrote a powerful essay that started it all

[5:16] Mission Statements should be focused on your one thing

[6:54] True mastery – 10,000 hour rule

[8:25] Entrepreneurs have a hard time saying no

[8:49] 4 thieves of productivity

[9:44] Who brings the highest contribution?

[10:58] I’m prouder of what we said no to.

[12:11] Some yeses are bigger than others

[13:59] Get clear about what’s important to you

[15:43] Different priorities than what they are living

[18:00] What you do isn’t who you are, we are looking for validation

[19:27] Saying ‘no’ builds our companies strength

[21:35] Line up your metaphorical dominoes

[23:14] The shape of success is a long flat line that ramps up at the end

[23:40] The latte factor

[24:36] The 100 Best Businesses Ever took 7-9 years to get there

[27:15] Let your heart lead your head

[28:55] Turning your to do list into a success list

[30:00] Clarity about the priority in your business and your life

[31:36] Two entrepreneurs sold their business after reading the book

[33:14] The 1 Thing website