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We are a Ruby on Rails development company that specializes in rescuing drowning projects. Your problem isn’t the technology, it’s finding the right partner. If you are sick of developers burning out and getting nowhere with your mission critical Ruby on Rails application, call us today. Our solution architects are standing by.

The key to success is to identify small problems and make incremental changes at a steady pace.

You can avoid a costly rewrite with a little discipline and some technical TLC. Ruby on Rails is in fact a great choice for web applications of all sizes. One of its main benefits is that it’s easy to read and understand by developers of varying skill levels. Rails enforces well established patterns and guidelines within your codebase so that any developer can quickly become familiar with code they haven’t seen before. And because the Ruby community values productivity and simplicity, there are a lot of great tools out there to enable the right team to clean up and restore old Ruby code to it’s former glory.

Is the business logic getting too complicated for your developers to manage? Domain driven design principles can help move some of that complexity out of the rails data models and into distinct layers that are composable, flexible, and independently testable.

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When Ruby on Rails is built right, it can be exactly what your project needs

User-facing defects?

Monitoring and logging tools like StatsD and Splunk ensure your whole team knows everything they need to know about bugs and performance on a minute by minute basis. Our Ruby on Rails development services will set you and your users up for success.


Ruby on Rails and rspec make writing tests a breeze. Combined with a continuous integration and delivery system like Jenkins or Travis, your developers will have the confidence to continually improve things over time instead of being afraid to make changes. Your team will spend less time fighting fire and more time working on strategic features that drive sales.

Need more performance?

A good caching layer using redis can spare your database server from a barrage of queries while Nginx and Unicorn manage concurrent user requests on the front-end. 50,000 requests per minute with less than 50ms response times is achievable with the right stack.

Slow performance?

Ruby on Rails offers your developers a lot of flexibility and ease of use, but that can sometimes come at the expense of memory leaks and poor performance. By leveraging the power of the JVM using jRuby, it’s possible to identify and fix performance problem areas in your existing codebase.

It’s not only tailor-made for us, it also gets rid of paperwork and makes everything real-time. For the past couple of years, the system has worked without a hitch.”


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