Making a great product
seems so easy

Have you ever looked at a product and said, “That’s so simple and easy to use. It must have been a breeze to create.” It’s a normal thought because simplicity often speaks clearly to us. However, the reality is that what you see is likely the result of weeks or months of going from idea, to testing, and back… until things becomes clear.

What can become clear are things we feel from a product like value and delight.

It takes a process, bravery, and collaboration to make a great product.

Minimum Viable Product
Product Market Fit
Product Market Delight

Before building something,
decide on the right thing to build

When you think you have a great idea, you’re excited and want to move straight into building mode.

But did you know that 68% of software projects fail?

And the chance of your product failing is even higher if you’re un-ideally located in the Cone of Uncertainty.

The cone of uncertainty is pretty simple: the earlier in a project we create estimates, the less accurate those estimates are. For example, if the team estimates a project in the Product Definition phase, those estimates could be 2-4x too low or .5x-.25x too high.

Product Design & Development is the discipline that informs us as to ‘Why’ we should build something. When thinking about the Why, How, and What of your business, it’s tempting to begin with the How. As an insider, describing ‘How’ your business is going to deliver is the easiest part of your job.

However, we find that starting with the ‘Why,’ can often guide you to a much more secure placement in the Cone of Uncertainty – saving you money and wasted time.

How to discover the Why and the What

This is where process, bravery, and collaboration come together.

By collaborating with your team, we will facilitate discussions around performing a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to identify areas of innovation.

Then, we’ll help you to identify ideas that focus on areas in your SWOT analysis.

Finally, it’s time to be brave and test these ideas with your customers! This will tell you if your ideas are valued by them. These tests can be executed by performing user interviews.

For valued ideas, we can additionally help you perform profitability and marketability tests. Just because an idea is valuable to a user doesn’t mean that the idea is profitable nor that it can be marketed in a cost effective way!

Meet the Team

With 17 years in business and over 300 projects delivered successfully, we have the experience and staying power you’re looking for in your development partner. Each Praxent team member went through a rigorous selection process and was handpicked to serve. Out of 300 interviews, we only hire the top 1%.

Deanna Dial

Director of Product Strategy + Design

Nick Comito

Senior UX Designer
Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez

Product Designer
Andy McErlean

Andy McErlean

Product Designer

Lauren Kay

Product Designer

Design a product users will love with confidence.

We use real user testing and data to validate your assumptions so that you don’t waste time on useless features, or worse yet, a useless product.

We are a product design and development company, located in Austin, Texas, that employs an iterative approach to turn your product dreams into a reality. The Praxent Product Design team can help you design a top-of-the-line experience for your product. This is one of the most enjoyable portions of the product design & development process because we can all express creative confidence – knowing that much of the uncertainty has been replaced with data that informs all of our decisions.

The design deliverables are often wrapped into a clickable prototype which we call ClickModel™. This prototype is used by the development team to ensure the clearest definition of done, so that your new product has the greatest chance of success.

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