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We’re a mobile app development company in Austin, Texas, and our mobile app developers are skilled in the most creative, effective ways to use the latest versions of IOS and Android for beautiful, useful and innovative mobile apps. Just as important, we employ custom mobile app development practices that make our final products look great not just on smartphones, but on all devices.

We know 90 percent of mobile users use multiple screens sequentially and want a seamless viewing experience across devices. We will help you choose the right cross-platform strategy whether that be native, hybrid, or responsive web. Our responsive web design delivers layouts that adapt to the viewing environment with fluid, proportion-based grids and flexible images. We’ll even adapt your mobile strategy for emerging technology such as Internet of Things (IoT) smart eyeglasses and watches.

Functional. Fluid. Frustration-free.

We’ll make your custom mobile app a star on any screen.

A media business publishing time-sensitive material for veterinarians. An experiential marketing photo booth company. And an educational organization mobilizing kids to stay active.

Find out how these businesses leverage mobile platforms to grow their user base, reach customers on the go, extend their business beyond brick and mortar, and scale day-to-day operations.

Go mobile. Launch your business into the platform-driven economy.

The world is entering a new era driven by digital platforms, and mobile is key to not getting left behind.

Digital platforms (also known as matchmakers) connect consumers with producers, creating interconnected, information-driven networks. These networks are the basis of the platform-driven economy. And mobile is making it all possible.

Companies who own digital platforms create value by leveraging external resources. With a mobile platform, you can transform your business from a heavy-weight, slow-moving organization into a hyper-scalable organization capable of 10x growth.

But don’t just take our word for it. Find out how First Crush Tastings generated 3x growth with no new hires by creating the Palaterra Platform workflow management software.

Your customers are mobile. Are you?

Enhance customer service with tap-of-the-app technology

In today’s business environment, customers expect convenience and immediate results. And if they can’t get it at your company, they’re likely to find it somewhere else. In fact, customers who experience excellent service reportedly spend 140% more than those who have a negative experience.

With a well-developed mobile app, you can offer your customers improved response time, personalized experience, and on-the-go efficiency and convenience. In return, businesses who offer good mobile experiences increase customer retention, boost existing customer activity and sales, and attract new customers with word-of-mouth praise.

Mobile empowers your customers to engage with your business whenever and wherever they are. Provide them with a satisfactory mobile experience, and you’ll likely remain their go-to resource for products or services in your industry.

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