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Java’s community-based, engineering-driven, OpenSource, “write once, run anywhere” appeal has made it a powerful, global technology force for over 20 years. Many organizations find the measured pace of Java’s steady progress more desirable for mission-critical, enterprise-class applications. Whether it’s:

  • Custom mobile, web, server and/or desktop solution design and development,
  • Re-factoring or modernizing an existing Java solution,
  • Creating standards-based services for internal, public, or mixed use, or
  • Leveraging leading OpenSource technologies like search engines, rules engines

From big data to microservices, our teams can design and implement or modernize and augment your enterprise-class idea or application from data structures to business logic and services to engaging presentation.

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The 6 Keys to Successful Custom Software Development Projects
  • Forget technology
  • Remember the humans
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Think small
  • Try it before you buy it
  • You can’t afford not to test
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Business Builds with Java

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Finance • Healthcare • Enterprise Content Management (ECM) • Construction • Insurance • Energy • Logistics • Commerce • Media/Entertainment • Telecom • Business Process Management • Analytics and Business Intelligence


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