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Ecommerce Website design & development has changed.

In the old days, a simple web page was often a batch of static HTML files. Today users expect more refined and sophisticated online experiences that require much more technical know-how to build. As expectations have grown, the field has fragmented. To get a site that meets today’s standards, you could seek out a graphic designer, an information architect, a content strategist, a user experience consultant and a systems integration specialist. And, finally, a developer to write the code. Or you could talk to us.

work-wine2Sites not only have to look good on PCs, they have to look good on smartphones and tablets too. They have to load fast. They have to intuit the needs of their users. They have to help you get found in search engines. And often, they must facilitate easy retail transactions for your customers, no matter how complex the underlying technology is. To do all that, websites now have to work more like sophisticated software applications. In fact, the difference between them is vanishing. Modern websites, essentially, really are networked software applications.

Evolving with the technology

Like the technology itself, finding a partner or partners to help design and build your website has grown more complicated. Some shops just focus on look and feel, the website “skin” that users see. Others concentrate only on website development, the “code” side of websites that users don’t see. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But from the start, we fell in love with the web and all of its potential. We’ve worked hard to evolve in parallel with web technology. Full service solutions: We have the comprehensive capabilities to build your site so it delivers the best in form and function. Handling one or more of these tasks in-house, or through another partner? We play well with others. We’re happy to collaborate.

Ecommerce Website Design

Taking a brand new or redesigned site “live” can be a stressful time. It doesn’t have to be. We’re easygoing, but driven, just like our hometown. We love bringing new sites online. We want launch day to be an exciting time for you, not a scary one. Everything we do supports that outcome. Talk to us about the website solution or ecommerce website design you want. Maybe we should do lunch together.


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