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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
for a Smarter, Connected World

What is custom software and what is it used for? Whether it’s customized software development for a desktop PC, a tablet, a mobile phone, a wearable or other IOT device, the ubiquitous connectivity of the Internet and the incredible cost performance of connected devices mean anything is trackable. With the right custom software, businesses can mine new sources of value and discover brand-new markets in ways we couldn’t even imagine a decade ago.

But with so many affordable custom software development tools at our disposal, establishing and maintaining a results-first mentality to technology innovation is more important than ever. The way we see it, the software is the enabler, not the driver, of growth and change.

In our 16 years as a custom software development firm in Austin, we’ve helped hundreds of clients earn millions, save millions, and change countless lives in countless ways. In a smart world, our software solutions send our clients to the head of their class.

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Our Technology Skillset

Whether you have an existing codebase you’d like us to take over or you’re starting with a clean slate, we have the technical expertise you’ll need.






















We build the technology our clients need to win.

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What to do when off-the-shelf-solutions don’t cut it?

When it comes to business technology, the expression, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” shouldn’t apply. For instance, we’ve worked with folks who ran key business processes for years from spreadsheet applications or outdated databases. Technically, it wasn’t broken, but it sure was holding their businesses back.

Off-the-shelf business software can help run your business, as long as you are willing to adapt to it, and accept the limitations it imposes. Because it was made to work for many different kinds of customers, it might not work perfectly for you. The people who write these applications may know something about your industry, but they can’t deliver the power and productivity of a custom developed software application made to suit specifically for you and your business.

When is the right time to contact a developer?

Gaining an outsider’s perspective on how the right software can address your business challenges can be valuable, but be careful not to begin without a well considered analysis of your situation and the results your development partner will be expected to deliver.

Here the first step is an intensive discovery process that helps us understand your business, your goals and your challenges. Quite often, in fact, a client will tell us that this process gave them a greater understanding of their business than they had before.

Sometimes what we end up building is more or less exactly what our client had in mind from the outset. Other times, collaborating with a client results in a solution that is very different from what they first imagined. In every case, we deliver custom business software built specifically to help one unique business—your business—do things it was never capable of doing before.

Where do I start if I don’t even know what’s possible?

Automate, orchestrate, coordinate or transform – in the world of custom software, the possibilities are endless, as long as your development partner is focused on business results over cutting edge technology. One risk, however is that you partner with a development partner who doesn’t take the time to fully understand the business issues you are facing.

From automating the creation of critical business documents, to supporting a nationwide team of field sales reps, the apps we build can help businesses grow and transform beyond what they ever imagined:

  • Web Front-End applications – Allow customers, affiliates and employees to interact with your back office business systems using modern applications built with JavaScript frameworks such React, Angular, Ember and Backbone
  • Native Mobile Applications – Deepen customer engagement and provide advanced capabilities to field-based staff with iOS and Android-based devices
  • Cloud Hosting – Deploy your software to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud so that it can scale seamlessly with your business and reach your customers wherever they are in the world
  • Customized Dashboards – Put the right tools in the right hands and help everyone in your business work more efficiently
  • Expert Systems – Build intelligent software that can augment or replace the analysis work of highly paid employees and enable innovative customer self service
  • Database Development – Use data to work smarter and discover new opportunities using SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL
  • System Integration and ETL – Get your systems “talking to each other” to eliminate double data entry and costly miscommunications

We’re not just about the code.
We’re about providing you with a digital advantage.


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