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Social networks and web portals have proven that one-to-many information sharing, and remote collaboration can offer businesses tremendous value. But they can also pose serious challenges. How do you gain the benefits of more “openness” without weakening security, organizational autonomy or brand standards? Without the right web portal development company on-board, you risk building a solution that fails to drive adoption – so where do you begin?

Praxent is a web portal development company that has specialized in developing custom portals since 2005 – including company intranets, partner and customer portals and other online collaboration solutions that make it easy to manage this balance of openness and control. Based in Austin, Texas, we have been helping businesses secure access to their portal services while reducing downtime.

Web Portal Development

Customer portals, distributor portals, employee portals, and more

Web portal development for the people who matter to you

Social networks for business need to serve the people using them, as well as the business running them. That’s why a purpose-built community often makes more sense than a generic subscription-based social media platform. With custom web portal development, you define the functionality your users need, without adding bells and whistles that are irrelevant. You dictate how the look and feel aligns with your branding. You define which third-party apps to integrate with.

Typical Implementations Include:
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Mobile responsive layouts
  • Multi-level customizable user permissions
  • Integration with key business systems
  • Easy to use content management tools
  • Powerful user management tools
  • Full text search
  • Complete design flexibility

Built on Drupal for its broad feature set and its open-source affordability

We have been specializing in Drupal development since 2009. It has become our go-to framework for building unique, totally customized web portals and collaboration solutions. You can integrate your social business network or web portal with the third-party applications you choose such as DocuSign or Salesforce. And it can mesh seamlessly with your existing online presence. Since it’s based on the open-source Drupal platform, it’s not only extremely customizable, it delivers results rapidly.

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