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Is your financial services firm held back by outdated technology, fragmented development processes, or missing skills? We work with BFSI organizations to fill the strategic gaps with software engineering talent at every level, both onshore and nearshore. and we can implement industry best practices to help your company level up. From Agile Software Development, integrated design and engineering, CI/CD, automated testing, and beyond, we make sure you have the right tools to achieve the ROI you need.

Our commitment to flawless project execution and client empowerment means you can accelerate your product roadmap while achieving a lasting increase to your organizational agility.

Gain insights into customer wants + pain points
Gain insights into customer wants + pain points
Identify + fix gaps in your customer journey
Identify + fix gaps in your customer journey
Prioritize features to increase customer growth + retention
Prioritize features to increase customer growth + retention

A fast-moving, transparent Agile Development team your company can count on.

Quick wins

See actual ROI in weeks, not months.

Top talent

Senior tech leads direct every project.

Total ownership

You’ll own 100% of your code, and we’ll never hold you hostage.

Our Agile Software Development team is
dedicated to delivering value to your
business from day one:


of client-agreed sprint commitments MET


Of clients extended their engagements


Of our technical leaders have 20 years or more of industry experience

Your software application is one of your biggest business assets.

Shouldn’t you trust it to a collaborative team of technical experts who knows your industry, understands your business goals, and is committed to working within constraints to deliver a successful outcome for you, your internal team, and your users?

  • On-time, every-time delivery
  • Seamless integration with your internal development team
  • As an Agile software company you have the freedom to change requirements as often as organizational changes dictate
  • Delighted customers, increase profitability, compete with confidence
  • Fixed budget = Total confidence and no surprises
  • Predictability and transparency thanks to frequent updates and demos
  • Saved money and shorter time to market by modernizing rather than rebuilding
  • Generate ROI early and often with small, incremental releases
  • Ownership and control through collaboration with a dedicated Delivery Lead and Senior Tech Lead
  • Effortless transfer thanks to clean, well-documented code

Here’s what you can expect investment-wise.

Build, deliver, win, repeat.

Our unique agile software development services framework, called AgileDev®, enables the flexibility you need to quickly adjust to changes in features, requirements, timeline, or budgets; and enables us to maximize our team’s effectiveness by focusing on developing just a few features at a time.

We build and deliver a new feature every couple weeks, so you can release in weeks not months and see a return on your investment quicker than you could have ever imagined.

Here’s how it works:

Sprint planning meeting
Sprint planning meeting

We communicate the detailed requirements, such as business logic, data structure, and integrations and prioritize them based on ROI.

Methods used: Agile, Scrum, Gherkin Syntax

Groom the product backlog
Groom the product backlog

We ensure the backlog is prioritized and fully fleshed out so there’s no guesstimating anything. This is key to ensuring we stay on time and on budget.

Methods used: User Stories, ROM Estimator, Fibonacci Sequence

Develop releasable code
Develop releasable code

Our development team gets to work and for two weeks focuses on creating fully QA tested, releasable code for the features decided during sprint planning. You’ll then get a weekly status update so you know how the project is progressing.

Methods used: Unit testing, Quality assurance, Automated testing, CommandView®

Sprint demo meeting
Sprint demo meeting

Our engineers personally demonstrate and explain the code they’ve written for you. Documentation is presented alongside our work but since we code in collaboration with your team, that knowledge-transfer comes built in.

What makes AgileDev different?

Technical debt protection

Expert code is critical — but you can’t build just it and forget it. We balance new feature development with responsibly managing technical debt.

Save time and money

We’re constantly building our 20 year old database of reusable Code Boilerplates (standard code that can be reused in new contexts or applications for common tasks) and DevOps Tools (pre-built, automated code testing and deployment tools) for all our clients to benefit from. We embrace copy and paste.

Agile management

We manage our business like we manage your project and our team utilization processes enable us to be hyper-flexible. So ramp up more team members when you need them and dial the team back when you don’t. Never more relevant than in the COVID-era.

Own the outcome

We work tirelessly to Always Deliver but in the rare occasions where mistakes happen, our commitment to transparency means we never make excuses or pass the buck, so you can always trust us to do right by our clients.

See for yourself

Industry expertise

We’re experts in financial services, meaning we know all about the unique needs of our clients from regulation compliance to security protocols and we know exactly how best to flex agile processes to accommodate these needs.

Strategy, design and development = one team

Agile teams by nature need to remain flexible for pivots, that’s why you have a multidisciplinary team at your fingertips to solve problems from all angles and ensure on-the-go solutions are not just quick fixes.

Whatever you need, we’ll build it with and for you.




React Native
Android Native (Java)
iOS Native (Swift,

Cloud Services

Google Cloud (GCP)


C# on .NET
Node.JS on Nest.js
Java on Spring
Python on Django/Flask
PHP on Laravel


Mongo DB



We work in the technologies that work best for our clients.

Not sure which language you should build in or which new platform you should use to modernize your outdated application?

We’ll never push you toward a certain technology based on what works for us. In fact, we choose all of the technologies we work in based on what’s best for you, your long-term ROI and strategy, your scalability, and the ease for you to hire and keep the talent that maintains your software.

We only hire the best of the best.

It’s a big reason our clients choose us.

We use a framework for hiring our developers that identifies the presence of 22 soft skills, competency in 11 knowledge areas, and fit with our philosophy and culture. Our company’s agile developers are highly skilled. They are proactive, productive, and detail oriented, with a 99% commitments-met rate. And they are obsessed with using their talents to work within constraints and solve problems for our clients that yield actual business results. 

Of course we only hire the most technically capable developers. But we also want people who are passionate about making your business more effective and who can not only work but thrive providing services in a time-constrained, agile software development environment.

Already have an in-house development team?

We’d be more than happy to work alongside them and integrate our processes and skill sets with theirs. Our company’s software services team can provide your existing staff with additional horsepower to meet a short-term project need or be available for long-term management and maintenance support.

So you get senior-level experience whenever and however you need it without the hassle, commitment, and expense of adding full-time hires.

Build your own customized augmented team to suit your project and budget needs.

You choose whether you want 100% U.S.-based developers, 100% Latin America-based developers, or a hybrid team. Every one of the developers at our agile development agency must meet the same rigorous standards and demonstrate a focus on achieving business results for our clients.

Want to know what it’s like to handle a handoff from us? Ask a developer.

We go above and beyond most companies’ agile development teams to provide software services that are flexible around your wants and requirements—especially when it comes to handing over your software at the end of the engagement. Why? Because we believe you’re the expert when it comes to your business, not us, and our job as a software company is to set you up for success in the long term. That starts with making sure the transfer to your internal development team is as enjoyable and pain-free as possible. 

At Praxent, we know your industry, we speak your language, and we take up your cause to build business software that truly serves your business.

Here’s how we do it.

Start Small

Small projects bring quick wins that build momentum for acting on learnings.

Build Together

We combine strategy, design, and development with expert project management and work collaboratively alongside you.

Own the Outcome

We’re here to work ourselves out of a job—and we aren’t successful until we make you successful.

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