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Enjoy the flexibility to change your mind

Business goals and users’ needs will change before the project launches. This is reality. Don’t fight it. Instead, ensure that you’re working with a team that can effortlessly pivot as the need arises. No change orders. No waiting until the end of the project. Just timely course corrections integrated into active development while maintaining forward momentum and progress – that is the beauty of the agile software development approach.


Adaptable agile development teams bring a lot to the table

AgileDev℠ gives our clients these benefits:

‘Can Do’ Attitude

Work with a team carefully vetted for their passion for and commitment to a shared set of essential core values. The Praxent ‘Can Do’ Attitude.

Multi-disciplinary Teams

Spin up a skilled multi-disciplinary team of Engineers, UX Designers and Business Analysts without the long-term commitment of full-time employees.

Expert Problem-solvers

Reap the benefits of insightful inquiry (curiosity about your intent & objectives) balanced with informed advocacy (championing best practice & better solutions).

Direct Communication

Communicate directly with your development team, not a 3rd party. Our engineers personally demonstrate & explain the code they’ve written for you.

Burst-able Capacity

Ramp your software engineering team up in times of high need. Or, dial back your team utilization as your business needs change.

Subject Matter Expertise

Access greater innovation and creativity from software experts with experience in countless other industries and product applications.

Managed Technical Debt

Rest easy knowing that your agile software development team balances new feature development with a responsible management of technical debt.

Libraries & Tools

Leverage our ongoing investment in UX Libraries, DevOps Tools and Frameworks to optimize your total cost of ownership.

Beth Green

“Your insight, acute technical knowledge and calm assurance have provided me and the team immense confidence that we indeed selected the perfect partner for this project.”

Beth Green / CEO / Brief Media, Tulsa OK

Greg Crabtree

“Deliberate, visionary, reliable and process-oriented. Finally. Someone who understands my vision and has a clear plan for realizing it. Highly recommended.”

Greg Crabtree / CEO / Crabtree, Rowe & Berger, Huntsville AL

Bob Carlton

“Praxent continues to be a crucial partner for our fast-growing company. Their team delivered our project on schedule and was actually under budget – an astonishing result, given the complexities of our project. ”

Bob Carlton / Director of Marketing / Sapling Learning, Austin TX

Change your mind. Our agile software development teams expect it

Software engineering that adapts to your changing business and marketplace needs

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