Certification management software helps certify 18,000 junior league athletes

The Texas Youth Football & Cheer Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, serves 18,000 football players, cheerleaders, and coaches in major metropolitan areas and small towns across Texas. Unlike other youth sports leagues, TYFA is a non-weight limit league where players are assigned to teams by age, not by weight. For this reason, TYFA requires all football players and cheerleaders to obtain an annual certification and photo ID from the league to verify their age and ensure they’re participating within the correct age group.

Certifying the league’s thousands of participants each year was a labor-intensive process involving six separate pieces of documentation plus the creation of a photo ID – at a cost of thousands of dollars for photography. Previous attempts to automate the process crashed servers, requiring volunteers to resort to pen and paper methods at the last minute, creating volumes of administrative work that was error prone, time-consuming, and expensive. TYFA came to Praxent looking for a better way.


Mobile app with scalable web architecture cuts athlete processing time by nearly 50% for over 18,000 athletes throughout Texas


  • Web App Development
  • Process Improvement + Automation

Scalable web architecture means certifying players has never been so smooth

The Praxent team crafted a scalable web architecture so that volunteers can check birth certificates, complete profiles, take photos, and print photo ID cards reliably and efficiently.

The web-based application is scalable – capable of processing up to 4,000 participants at a time

The system works anywhere, in a gym or on the field, and runs efficiently on any computer or mobile device

User Interaction

The user experience is easy to use and intuitive, to minimize time needed for training

The system also sends guardians a waiver, which they can sign electronically

“What this system has done for us now is streamline the process where we’re really only down to one sheet of paper, which is a birth certificate. [The process] used to take an hour. The way it’s been streamlined now, we’ve cut that almost in half.”

Brian Morgan / TYFA

Ready for game day with certification management software

Our job was to deliver on TYFA’s commitment to player participation and safety. The scalable web architecture we created for TYFA resulted in a faster and more cost-effective way to get athletes out on the field that:

Saves TYFA thousands of dollars annually by eliminating the need for professional photography with the integration of hardware cameras

Human Innovation

Cuts volunteer training to a minimum with a simple, user-friendly interface

Reduces processing time per player by nearly 50%

Content Management

Enables coaches to access up-to-date roster data and quickly verify player eligibility, replacing a cumbersome paper-based method that was often outdated

With Praxent, it’s all about getting the product the way we wanted it to match our flow, making everything very easy for us. The system has actually freed up a lot of my time to do other things. We’re able to do everything – take pictures, verify data anywhere and on any device.”


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