Far more than just a hotel booking agent

Globeo saves businesses valuable time and costs by connecting them with the best hotel lodging deals for traveling crews and workers. Far more than a just booking agent, they manage every detail of the process, from reservations and final expense reconciliation to quality checks at every partnering hotel property.

Busy oil and gas companies look to Globeo for help, not only with making sure their crews are comfortable, but with the accounting side of managing company travel. Globeo makes sure their clients receive all available savings by auditing hotel invoices, identifying tax breaks and connecting clients with supplier discounts.

Project Goal

Create a three-in-one platform for Globeo, partner hotels and Globeo clients that automates manual operations, eliminates human error and allows Globeo to cut labor costs.

  • React.js
  • Python with Flask
  • Custom integration with WEX for payment processing
  • Product strategy
  • UX design and prototyping
  • End-to-end custom software development
  • Software modernization
  • Platform migration

An easier way to deliver promised value

Before they came to us, Globeo was using an expensive software vendor to help with booking and reservations. The accounting work they did for their clients was handled manually via spreadsheets and sticky notes. The result was a disjointed system that made it difficult to provide a smooth, coherent client experience while staying on top of all the behind-the-scenes activities needed to provide their services.

Globeo is extremely committed to fast service, finding the best hotel deals for their customers and making sure no money is left on the table. They needed a digital infrastructure that would ease the burden of delivering on their promises.

Empowered to scale 5x in the next three years

We created an integrated custom platform and portal catered to three different user experiences: Globeo accountants and project managers, Globeo clients and partner hotels.

With an automated system for reconciling travel expenses and auditing invoices, digital precision has replaced the potential for human error. By efficiently tracking 100% of revenue, Globeo is now saving itself more time and its clients more money.

The three-in-one software allows Globeo to handle each part of their business with ease:

  • Travel accounting and invoice audits for their clients
  • Easy hotel booking
  • Reservation management and cancellation
  • Receiving and tracking service requests from clients
  • Managing relationships and deals with partnering hotels

Positioned to own the competition

Now that Globeo owns a custom software platform, they no longer depend on an expensive outsourced technology partner to run their business. Labor costs associated with tech support and manual accounting have been cut drastically, freeing Globeo to focus resources on more strategic growth efforts.

On track to meet their goal of scaling 5x in the next three years, Globeo has realized a business transformation that will alter the course of crew lodging services. Not only do they own the only workforce accommodation software of its kind in the industry, Globeo is now positioned to own the competition as well.

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