Environmental compliance software attracting 3,000 new businesses in only 2 years

Creating green standards for small businesses presents a unique challenge.

As a famous frog once said, it’s not easy being green, especially if you are a small business. Who sets the standards for what constitutes an environmentally conscientious business? What’s to keep your non-green competitors from simply claiming they are eco-friendly? And what, exactly, do you need to do to make your business greener?

The folks who founded the Green Business Bureau (GBB) knew these questions were out there. They recognized the opportunity to help provide answers and make environmental compliance management easier along the way. Their idea? Develop environmental compliance software that would improve the process for businesses to become green certified. We were thrilled when they asked us to be their technology partner, naturally.

Using Drupal to create the perfect platform for GBB’s unique vision to provide small businesses a certification process to be recognized for eco-friendly business practices
Drupal / Platform Development / Portal Development

Custom solutions for a custom portal

Advanced Site Design

Information architecture leads prospects along a self-guided discovery path that drives high conversion rates.

Searchable Directory

A searchable directory helps eco-conscious customers find GBB members to do business with.

Automated Renewal

An e-commerce engine automates new member on-boarding and renewals.

“What we thought we needed was a web application. What we got from Praxent was much more valuable—a business partner.”

Marcos Cordero / CEO / Green Business Bureau

A one-stop shop for green business

Working in collaboration with the founders of GBB, we engineered a site that helps them offer much greater value and stand apart from other green business certification programs.

The environmental compliance software we created for the Green Business Bureau provides their customers with an online tool and a roadmap that explains step-by-step how to complete a series of initiatives that qualify a business for green certification.

Making it all possible is an e-commerce engine that automates sign-up and processes membership transactions. The site built around it is ultra-easy to navigate, and makes it easy for prospective members to understand the entire process, as well as the benefits certification provides.

For those business that sign up, a database of over 400 possible green initiatives, each with step-by-step guides for completing them, allows each business to create its own customized, achievable plan towards greater sustainability.

For green-conscious consumers, the GBB site provides a user-friendly directory for finding certified businesses in their area, which helps members connect with new customers.

The work done by GBB through this software is a major contribution to the field of environmental compliance management.

When customers win,
GBB wins

The technology we crafted has been essential to the fantastic early success the GBB has achieved, not only in the area of environmental compliance management, but as a business. GBB membership has grown to over 3,000 members in less than two years.

Advanced design and information architecture leads prospects along a self-guided discovery path that drives high conversion rates.

Database Improvement

A powerful database helps businesses identify their own unique, achievable paths to sustainability.

Direction and Guidance

A unique online tool guides members through over 400 possible initiatives they may wish to pursue to achieve green certification.


A searchable directory helps eco-conscious customers find GBB members to do business with.

“The result? After launch, we got instant credibility and have risen up to the top of our industry, closing several deals with big names that recognized the quality of our site.”

Marcos Cordero / CEO / Green Business Bureau

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