A new brand strategy required a complete redesign and Drupal migration

Businesses grow and change organically. The things which were the focus of the brand a few years ago may not be the core of your business today. Such was the case with Banker’s Toolbox, whose marketing strategy required a new emphasis on their core products: BAM, CREST, and WirePro.

The old site felt heavy because of densely populated pages that served as containers for text, instead of integrated layouts where the page design adapted to the content. There was no intuitive navigational pathway for visitors to follow and case studies were buried deep into the page structure.

Recent brand strategy revealed what customers really valued about Banker’s Toolbox: Emphasis on people over technology. However, the structure and design of the old site made Banker’s Toolbox look conservative, hyper-technical and technology-centric. The company needed a refreshed look that their current website platform wouldn’t allow. Our solution? A timely and hassle-free Drupal migration.


Revamp the site design to align with a customer-centric strategy, while optimizing UX


  • Drupal
  • Web Design + Development

A clear path to content

It was clear that we needed to revamp the visual aesthetic of the site to reposition Banker’s Toolbox as a cool, youthful, and friendly tech company, so we provided a clear path to content based on their audience and product line focus – CREST, BAM, or WirePro. The Drupal migration allowed us to design a site that gave each program it’s own landing page and featured the three core products prominently on the homepage of the website.

We also developed distinct page designs for the major sections of the site. This kept the user experience fresh while maximizing the readability of each page. And most importantly, the new site was designed to increase conversion rate. We created a design that would more effectively convert visitors into prospects for the firm to follow up with by phone and e-mail. This transformed the website from a passive brochure to a valuable source of new business.

Reduced overhead,
increased pipeline

Our work on BankersToolbox.com resulted in better ways for Banker’s Toolbox to meet their business goals.

Our Drupal-based solution empowered Banker’s Toolbox to add, remove, and arrange content on their site, greatly reducing site maintenance overhead

Content Management

Clear navigation and landing pages for the three core products include all features, problems, and case studies for each product, greatly simplifying the decision-making process for small banks to purchase their services

Visual Update

Our redesign put a more human face on the site, emphasizing Banker’s Toolbox industry-leading customer service and highlighting their culture to attract intelligent, talented new employees

Banker’s Toolbox was able to track when visitors downloaded case studies and spec sheets, which they were then able to add to their sales pipeline to increase conversion rates

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