Mobile app simplifies the qualification process for rodeo athletes seeking access to big-prize competitions

Rodeo is a passion for ropers, wranglers, barrel racers and cowboys competing at events across the country. For most, it does not pay as a full-time job; yet, for the love of the sport, many will go to great lengths to compete in big purse rodeos, enduring what is often a time-consuming, tedious and costly qualification process.

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WCRA virtual qualifier app: Engaging, accessible, hassle-free

While the sport is much loved by participants, their families and thousands of towns west of the Mississippi, a huge opportunity remains to bring rodeo passion to millions more. In partnership with the Professional Bull Riders Association, the World Champions Rodeo Alliance seeks to advance the sport of rodeo for competitors, stakeholders and fans, bringing rodeo to people and places who have no current exposure to the sport.


Their plan is to reinvigorate the rodeo industry by:

  • Bringing unity to formerly disconnected rodeo events across the country
  • Deepening the incentive for current and future athletes to remain engaged in rodeo
  • Making it easier for athletes to rise up in rodeo, regardless of their financial status or geographic location

A vehicle for connecting rodeos, cowboys, prizes & fans

Traditionally, rodeo athletes seeking to qualify for large, big-prize events must register and physically appear at a qualifier event. These qualifier events usually charge an entrance fee of $500 and require athletes who don’t live near the competition site to incur the added expense of travel and lodging.

Not all who participate in qualifier events win the chance to compete for the biggest prizes at finalist rodeo events. For cowpokes and wranglers, rodeo is a gamble. While it’s worth it to some, the risk is simply too high to attract the wide array of talented riders who would otherwise participate.

PBR and the WCRA hope to change that. In the next year, they will host four new rodeo events offering $50,000 guaranteed prize money. The vehicle for getting this money into the hands of the world’s best rodeo athletes is the Virtual Qualifier app.

Quick, under-budget delivery on strategy, design and development

We partnered with WCRA to create the Virtual Qualifier app — the first and only existing mobile app for rodeo qualifications. In conjunction with WCRA’s 50K rodeo events, the app invests in the longevity and growth of rodeo, nationwide.

By registering through the app:

  • Athletes can qualify for the four major rodeo events by participating in any rodeo, anywhere, anytime. WCRA tracks athlete performance via the app, assigning points to determine who qualifies for the $50,000 events.
  • Competitors are able to earn money incrementally for their rides.
  • Athletes can engage fans and sponsors via social-sharing from within the app.
  • After an event, athletes can review the points they earned from their rodeo performance and see how they rank relative to other registered athletes.

The app also includes a streamlined administrative system that takes the work out of managing thousands of registered athletes.

Through the power of technology, the WCRA is fundamentally changing the financial dynamics of the rodeo qualification process. The result is greater prize incentives, easier access to big competitions and a more equal playing field among rodeo athletes.

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