Trusted drug handbook goes from 0 to 12,000 subscribers

After launching three successful clinical journals in veterinary medicine, Brief Media entered the world of SaaS product development. They partnered with the author of Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook to develop the Plumb Veterinary Drug Index, a mobile application of the handbook.

Although the handbook is the number one resource for drug data used by 94 percent of veterinarians, it was only available in a static PDF or printed form, weighed more than five pounds, and its periodic updates didn’t keep pace with the latest drug information. Brief Media came to us looking for custom mobile application development services. Their goal? To develop an updated, mobile handbook designed to transform how small animal and rural practitioners access drug data.


Create a new digital resource for accessing up-to-date information in Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs for busy veterinarians and pharmacists, using a mobile app and e-commerce website.


  • Drupal
  • ClickModel
  • AgileDev
  • Mobile App Development
  • Web App Development

Dynamic content ready to go

Seamless Content Sharing

Drupal allows for seamless content sharing with the Brief Media’s three online journals and the authors can continuously update the index

Digital Strategy and Guidance

Our experts in SaaS product development kept the tasks and budget on track while implementing the app functionality

Thorough Testing and Approval

ClickModel and AgileDev provide the processes and effective delivery methodology to ensure successful collaboration

“The product we have is phenomenal. It’s really going to change how this profession accesses its data.”

Beth Green / CEO / Brief Media

Clickable prototype + Agile scrum = Success

Our approach to custom mobile application development services revolves around transparent accountability to your timeline, budget and business goals. Praxent addressed all of Brief Media’s needs with a combination of our ClickModel software prototyping and Agile software development methodology. We started by establishing accountable development objectives and metrics to measure progress.

This prototyping grants stakeholders the ability to contribute feature requests and achieve a shared product vision, while utilizing our recommended solution architecture and user requirements early in the development process. Throughout the process, Brief Media received highly accurate estimated production costs and a reliable project timeline.

Built for tablet, mobile and desktop

Brief Media’s collaboration with Praxent resulted in an app and e-commerce website that provide a dependable reference for vets with high-value features including:

Cloud Services

Offline readability for users with intermittent Internet access

Dynamic, continuously-updated content on a mobile-responsive and user-friendly design

Flexible architecture for added future functionality

Mobile Ecommerce

E-commerce site with a simple user interface for subscription registration, billing, renewals, and refunds

Our team loves working with Praxent so much that once we get the product up and launched, the team says ‘What’s next?’ It’s that kind of relationship where you love not only how much you’ve learned, but you love the end product so much that the first thing you want to do is start on another one.”


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