A digital innovation destined to disrupt the buying process for refurbished homes

A new product initiative of Amherst Financial, Bungalo Homes performs high-quality renovations on old homes in well-defined neighborhoods. It then connects buyers with those homes via a comprehensive digital platform and customer portal. Not only does their service guarantee high-end refurbishing that passes inspection, the digital platform creates the most frictionless home buying experience currently available.

Project Goal

Design, build and launch a custom platform that allows prospective home buyers to digitally search, buy and close on high-end refurbished houses.

  • React responsive web app
  • Custom HTML, CSS
  • Azure cloud hosting
  • .NET backend, API development
  • Auth0 authentication
  • Product Design
  • Custom Software Dev
  • Solution Architecture
  • Launch Planning
  • Roadmap Prioritization

The right partner for a high-risk investment in disruptive technology

Confident that the homes would sell themselves, Amherst knew that the success of Bungalo Homes hinged on the tech and design quality of the digital platform.

Their risk in launching Bungalo Homes was significant: not only were they paying for the creation of a sizeable e-commerce web application, they were also investing in the inventory for that application. Bungalo Homes would shoulder the risk of acquiring, refurbishing and brokering the homes to be sold on the platform. The success of their digital home-buying idea depended on perfect execution of the app. If their product development partner failed to come through on technology, Bungalo Homes would have to suffer the loss and start over or give up on their dreams of disrupting the real estate industry.

Using the Bungalo Homes digital platform, buyers can:

  • Search for homes
  • View all home documentation
  • Make completely online offers on homes
  • Experience no-haggle pricing
  • Close home offers online

Amherst interviewed 12 different custom software companies

Amherst interviewed 12 different custom software companies for the design and build of the Bungalo Homes platform, including an incumbent firm that had worked with them in the past. Praxent stood out as a clear winner in the following areas that were crucial to success of the project:

  • Adequate bandwidth to handle a big project with a serious timeline
  • Proven expertise in web services and designing complex responsive web applications
  • Ability to deliver on both development and design in an integrated fashion
  • Exhibiting the maturity and experience level to work effectively with the client’s internal legacy software where needed
  • The experience and maturity to collaborate with a third-party branding agency on visual components of the digital product
  • Business and technology acumen to temporarily fill the role of CTO on the
  • Bungalo Homes project, making big-picture decisions about solution architecture
  • A consultative style of service, allowing the client to rest easy knowing the project is in good hands

Positioned to sell 300 homes before the end of the year

In just 21 weeks, Praxent succeeded at developing an integrated product that offers buyers a fully digital home buying experience while automating back-end functionality on the business side.

Working with startups is never black and white. Our design and engineering teams churned out iteration after iteration, helping Bungalo Homes discover their competitive edge. We worked closely with the client, making daily decisions and keeping all teams organized, aligned and productive through shifts and changes.

In mid-July, 2018, we delivered a first-in-class product destined to disrupt the real estate industry. Not only does the Bungalo Homes digital platform flawlessly handle the home-buyer customer journey, it equips our client with an equally automated, easy-to-use back-end system:

  • End-to-end customer portal
  • Immersive marketing and e-commerce site
  • Fully digital back-end operations
  • Integration with sales team CRM
  • (We also threw in a refined set of digital brand guidelines as a bonus!)

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