Custom Software Solutions

Drive growth and optimize efficiency with custom software solutions

Since 2000, our software development firm has helped hundreds of partners across numerous industries find answers to complicated problems. We’ve helped them automate their business processes, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks, and grow their bottom line.

Field Services Enablement

An increasing number of businesses are becoming service providers, and to win, you must provide better service than your competitors.

Platform Design + Development

Platform business models like Uber, Wikipedia or Paypal, have shown us how value can be created beyond the walls of large hierarchical corporations.

Web Portal Development

Company intranets, partner and customer portals and other online collaboration tools–these custom software solutions will improve your business and help you scale.

Process Improvement + Automation

Use software-based automation solutions to free your business from common bottlenecks.

SAAS Product Development

All kinds of industries, from financial services to ed-tech, can benefit from custom SaaS development.

Software Modernization

You may not need to replace your software. You may just need to replace your software team. Choose a software development firm that can turn legacy software into an asset.

What is your X-factor?


There are four types of businesses in the world: asset-based businesses, service provides, product firms, and platforms. The average valuation of each type is as follows: 2X revenue, 2.6X, 4.8X, and 8.2X. We create custom software solutions that help service-based businesses unlock profitability and increase their valuation.

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Industry Experience

Since 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of client partners across numerous industries automate business processes, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks, and grow the bottom line with custom software solutions.

Business & Finance

Web-based financial reporting, municipal purchasing catalogs, economic impact modeling, sales portals, custom installation proposal engines and credit application application processing platforms


FERPA-compliant platforms to capture and report on campus and independent school district information, survey data, evaluation assessments, participant reflections, conceptual mapping, and test results


Wearables data capture, aggregation and reporting, field support resource portals, self-serve environmental impact assessment tracking tools, and custom data integration, curation and retrieval applications


Heart rate monitoring, device check-in & check-out systems, health and fitness data tracking, and community portals


E-commerce shopping cart integrations, custom content management systems for product inventory, and SaaS subscription platforms


Custom solar installation configurators, integration with utility company kilowatt per hour rate databases, and plotting mineral rights and land deeds ownership against geographic maps

When you partner with Praxent, you get more of … everything.

Human Innovation
Skilled consultants

Total confidence in a team of consultants who “get” you — who understand your vision early, challenge and elevate your thinking, and amplify your impact.

Information Systems
Service innovation

A powerful ability to make the services you offer more profitable and improve the experience for your clients, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Financial prosperity

Significant value creation, whether you’re eliminating operational friction or unlocking opportunities for scalability, growth in revenue and a reduction in costs.

Predictable outcomes

The peace of mind of knowing you’ll see a return on every investment you make with us. Partner with a software development firm that works to minimize your risk.

You’ll be in good company

“Their willingness and ability to take an idea and proactively improve upon it is a key differentiator.”

CEO / Palaterra & First Crush Tastings, Inc.

Where technology, expertise, and service meet

We’ve built many solutions and products with modern, well-supported technologies that won’t become obsolete or get in the way of delivering value.

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